Living here: July 16, 2013 – update from August 2012:

OneYearLater SolarShed

BEFORE and AFTER – This is my Sun Shed, for solar electric and solar hot water, a wood stove inside also makes hot water for a shower and a utility sink for laundry. A small electric pump brings hot water into the radiant floor of my straw bale house. All the difficulties building this are forgotten. The expanded electric system is now running a Sunfrost refrigerator and all of TUC Radio as well as my personal electric use.

One year summary: There was hot water from the sun year round, except for 2 weeks. In one year I used 16 gallons of gasoline in my generator to replenish the solar electric system when the sun did not shine. During that same time I used our community ranch house shower 5 times. Net effect: Propane use for hot water: down to Zero. Gasoline for electric: 16 gallons in one year. I still share my neighbor’s cook stove which runs on propane but use the solar cooker at least once a week – even in the winter – even in the snow.

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