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Miko Peled: The General’s Son (ONE of TWO)

Miko Peled’s father was the Israeli major general Matti Peled. He was part of the General Staff during the Six Day War in 1967. Israel then conquered the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights and Sinai, setting the stage for the untenable situation the Palestinians face today. His son Miko visited the very territories his father had helped to conquer. He formed friendships in the West Bank, re-considered his own upbringing and did much original research to re-write with authority the history he was taught growing up in Israel.
Miko Peled’s book: The General’s Son, was published in 2012. The poet Alice Walker wrote the foreword and said that this book is the most hopeful on the topic of Israel/Palestine. Peled [ . . . ]

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A revolution in our food supply and in agriculture has taken place in the last 15 years that has remained unknown, secret or unrecognized – depending on your point of view. However the efforts to label genetically modified organisms by consumers and the forceful resistance to the right to know what we eat by corporations that produce the genetically engineered corn, soy, beets, wheat, alfalfa etc. that are already in our food have triggered a fundamental question. Roundup ready corn and soy or bt corn and soy have already replaced all but 10% of all corn and soy grown in the US using the argument that they are nutritious, safe and ecologically sound – so why are corporations not proud [ . . . ]

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An insiders speaks out: The battle lines are drawn over safety of genetically modified plants and animals between the corporations that make them, and farmers and consumers expected to handle and eat them.
Don Huber is Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology. He taught, researched and published at Purdue University for thirty-five years on plant physiology, microbiology, pathology and soil-borne disease control. Huber came out of retirement to speak out on the dangers of glyphosate and genetically modified plants.
Monsanto already launched a campaign to discredit him in spite of his impeccable credentials that even include his work, from 1963 to 1971, at the U.S. Army Edgewood Proving Ground and Ft. Detrick Biological Laboratories in Maryland. There he did research on chemical and [ . . . ]

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Pamm Larry and the California proposition to label genetically modified food

A snapshot in time of one of the most unexpectedly successful political campaigns over the right to know what is in our food
In a David VS Goliath fight a grassroots group joined by organic food, farm and environmental organizations, is facing some of the most powerful corporations, including Monsanto, DuPont, BASF, Bayer, and Dow over the deceptively simple issue of labeling GMO foods. Almost one million Californians made it possible for the labeling proposal to be placed on the November 2012 ballot as Prop. 37, however as of production of the program on September 25, over $30 million have already been committed by the GMO industry and pesticide producers to defeat Prop 37.


On the same day as organic farmers met in Santa Rosa, CA, for the second annual Heirloom Seed Expo the 60 day comment period ended for twelve new genetically engineered products. While a growing number of family farmers, medical professionals, and plant scientists are warning of the health risks of GMO plants and animals, the Obama administration has sped up their approval process.
The sense of urgency was also heightened by another development. GMOs, mostly corn and soy, have been planted in the US for almost 20 years. However that corn and soy have been mainly used for animal feed, ethanol or for starch and corn sugar that has been added as ingredient to processed foods for humans, junk food and [ . . . ]

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Vandana Shiva: The Seed at the Heart of Freedom (TWO of TWO)

Rebroadcast by huge popular demand: Vandana Shiva speaks in favor of regulating, labeling and banning genetically modified plants and animals. When the Indian physicist and ecologist found that global corporations wanted to patent seeds, crops or life forms, she started Navdanya to protect biodiversity, defend farmers’ rights and promote organic farming. Shiva’s books include Biopiracy, Stolen Harvest, Monocultures of the Mind, and Water Wars. Her many awards include the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the “Alternative Nobel Peace Prize.” She spoke in September 2011 at the Heirloom Seed Expo organized by Baker Creek Seeds along with many independent seed companies, farmers and schools.

Vandana Shiva: The Seed at the Heart of Freedom (ONE of TWO) 

By huge popular request this is a Re-broadcast from October 2011 as antidote to the $25 million raised by NO on Prop 37. California Prop. 37 on the November ballot, requiring the labeling of GMOs, has the attention of the country and even the world. YES on 37 collected $3 Million, NO on 37 is funded by Monsanto, DuPont, Pepsi, BASF, Dow, Nestle, Coca-Cola and others to the tune of $25 million. Vandana Shiva addresses science and politics of GMOs in a passionate, convincing way without mentioning Prop. 37.
Shiva was recorded in September 2011 at the first national Heirloom Seed Expo held in Santa Rosa, CA. 10,000 people had come on short notice to see plants and seeds that [ . . . ]

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My Strawbale House

My Strawbale House
I got many requests for pictures of my straw bale house. Here are photos – from bale delivery to the passive solar floor, and the almost completed solarium, spanning six years.
Thanks to all of you who have supported TUC Radio. Looking around my new home there is so much evidence of your contributions. You have helped me buy everything this house is made of from straw bales and lumber to roll roofing and nails – a little over $15,000 over the past 5 years.
The land
I am 8 miles from the nearest town on a three mile dirt road. There is no water, electricity or other utility. We are collecting rainwater, pumping drinking water from a spring 2 [ . . . ]

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Scientific Freedom in the Age of Biotechnology (TWO of TWO)

With John Losey and Ignacio Chapela: The science of biology is being transformed by corporations who sponsor a new field of scientific research and industrial production called biotechnology. The biotech industry claims their products are safe and genetically engineered corn and soy area already grown all across the US. Rice wheat and potatoes are scheduled to follow soon.
John Losey discovered that Monarch butterfly caterpillars can die when they eat pollen from engineered corn plants. The industry waged an unsuccessful campaign to suppress his report.
Ignacio Chapela found that engineered corn has already invaded the cradle of corn in Oaxaca, Mexico. A campaign was begun to discredit him and he was denied tenure in spite of the full support of his [ . . . ]

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Scientific Freedom in the Age of Biotechnology (ONE of TWO)

This program is about academic freedom, independent thinking, corporate intervention into science, the buying of academia, the collusion of regulatory agencies with the very corporations they are to oversee and maybe – most frightening of all – the invasion of the DNA, the inner spaces and the self organization of life.
Arpad Pusztai was an advocate of genetic engineering until his research with rats showed serious damage to their immune system and organ growth when they were fed with genetically engineered potatoes. He was fired from his job as Principal Scientific Officer at the Rowett Institute in Scotland, a job he had held for 30 years.
Tyrone Hayes did research on the effects of Atrazine, the world’s most widely used agricultural chemical [ . . . ]

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Yastel Yamada: The Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima (TWO of TWO)

The Skilled Veterans are alerting the international community to the serious problems with the cleanup at Fukushima Daiichi. 11,400 fuel rods are stuck in damaged buildings, and in Unit 4 100 feet up in the air. If they were to lose cooling during the 20 year plus removal to safe storage a fire could spread 85 times the amount of Cesium 137 of the Chernobyl accident around the globe.

Yastel Yamada: The Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima (ONE of TWO)

They are willing to work on fuel removal in the most dangerous areas of Fukushima Daiichi to protect younger workers from high radiation doses. They said they are elders, were no longer having children and might die of natural causes before some of the long latency cancers would make them seriously ill.
Now 700 plus members strong, they are retired workers from Fukushima, and engineers and technicians from other branches of industry. They made this extraordinary offer only four weeks after the Fukushima disaster. However 14 months later TEPCO has not yet given them permission to work.
Yastel Yamada is cofounder and Director of their organization, the Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima. Through August 2012 he is on a speaking tour [ . . . ]

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TO THE MEMORY OF Chernobyl, Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment (FOUR)

This last of four programs presents important information on the plight of the children of Chernobyl who – to this day – need vacations in uncontaminated areas to detoxify their bodies from some of the embedded radioactive substances that they absorb in every day life, substances such as cesium, cobalt, thorium, plutonium etc. Also explained is the danger of contaminated food, and how to set up ongoing projects, under control of local communities, to deal with the persisting radiation and find methods to measure the burden of internal radiation.

TO THE MEMORY CHERNOBYL – Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment (THREE)

How has the radiation affected – and continues to affect air, water, the soil, plants and animals. How does radiation move, disperse, bio-accumulate and enter the food chain. Specific examples are from studies on rivers and lakes, wild and domestic animals, birds, fish, fungi, bacteria, viruses, studies that show that they were all affected, in varying degrees, but without exception.

TO THE MEMORY CHERNOBYL – Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment (TWO)

This extensive section on health effects offers a whole new view of the consequences of radiation induced disease. Yes, there are cancers to specific organs, but there are also diseases that affect body systems such as the whole endocrine system, not just the thyroid, or the immune system, the respiratory and the reproductive systems. – Also a brief explanation of “half life” “hot spots” and why background radiation is different from radiation from nuclear processes.