Rania Masri on Iraq, the US Global Empire, and plans to redraw the borders in the Middle East

Future US plans for all of the Middle East may include the so-called “population transfer” of  Palestinians from occupied Palestine into Jordan, the division of Iraq  into three separate countries, or the creation of a Hashemite kingdom of  Iraq and Jordan. Rania Masri refers to the recently discovered text of  the Project for the New American Century, commissioned in September 2000 by  Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wulfowitz and others. see http://cryptome.org/rad.htm
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Side B: Alexander Cockburn: The Israeli lobby and the fate of Palestine
On May 2, 2002, barely two weeks after what has become widely described in the international press as a massacre in the Palestinian refugee camp at Jenin, the US congress took an extraordinary vote supporting Israel’s offensive into the West Bank.
Cockburn looks into the forces that influence voting. Alexander Cockburn is an investigative journalist, author and coeditor, with Jeffrey St. Clair, of the muckraking newsletter CounterPunch. < http://www.counterpunch.org >
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