Robert Fisk on war crimes in Jenin and the New Terrorism

The refugees in the Jenin camp, near the center of the town of Jenin in occupied Palestine were able to see their former homes across the border of what is now the state of Israel. In April of this year the camp made world history. After 12 days of shelling and bulldozing by the Israeli army large parts of the camp were turned to rubble. Did Israeli bulldozers destroy buildings while people were trapped inside? What occurred here while the media and foreign observers were excluded at gun point? Robert Fisk tells the story.

As a war and Middle East correspondent for the London Times, and now for the London-based Independent, Fisk has shown both personal and political courage. His coverage of the war in Lebanon, the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Iranian revolution, the Iran-Iraq war, the war in Afghanistan, the Gulf War and Yugoslavia has often incurred the wrath of governments whose policies he exposes. <>
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