Tom Greco – The End Of Money And The Future Of Civilization

Tom Greco demystifies money and banking and explains the destructive power of the current financial system. He challenges us to recognize that our dreams of a sane, just and ecologically sound future can become reality only if we change the way in which money is created and used.

Tom Greco was recorded at the beginning of his lecture tour for his most recent book: THE END OF MONEY AND THE FUTURE OF CIVILIZATION. A former engineer and college professor, Greco has written on monetary and financial innovation for over 30 years. Earlier books include: New Money for Healthy Communities and Money and Debt, A Solution to the Global Crisis. His web site is
Kelly Durkin and I recorded him at IONS in Petaluma, CA, on May 5, 2009.
This is NOT a double program.
For a broadcast quality mp3 version of this program click HERE
code A332DVD: For a 43 minute film on DVD click here: $16.00
This film is an excellent document of his presentation. Greco allowed me to incorporate the slide show that he specifically made for this presentation. Seeing and sharing this films sends you well on your way to set up credit clearing and community currency in your community. For more details then consult his book.

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