Farms & Genetic Engineering – Hear from the people who grow our food.

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Ted Quaday, John Kinsman, Bill Christison, Percy Schmeiser, & Bill Wenzel
Hear from the people who grow our food. Soy and corn, two of the basic staple food crops, are also the most heavily genetically engineered. This is far more than an issue of personal consumption and health. Corporate and political powers seem determined to put these GMO foods on our plates, whether we want them or not.

The stories of these farmers demonstrate that planting healthy food has become an act of rebellion. Banks and seed companies try to force farmers to plant engineered seeds. Farmers are also finding it harder to find non-GMO seed stock. Even organic seed supplies are already contaminated by cross-pollination. (2002)

Corporations are dragging farmers into court for saving seed. The Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser was sued by Monsanto for allegedly pirating its seed. His appeal will be heard NOW, in May 2002. He has counter sued Monsanto for contaminating
his fields. <>

Experience and research show that GMO seeds cost more and yield less.  They are also increasingly hard to sell on the international market. Corn exports to the EU dropped from 109 million bushels in 1995/96 to under 3 million in 1999-2000.
Active organizations: FarmAid <>, National Family Farm Coalition <>
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