Michael Parenti: The Face Of Imperialism

A talk on Parenti’s most recent book

28 second Preview/Promo Part ONE
28 second
Preview/Promo Part ONE
“The Face of Imperialism will be hated by those who run the Empire, and it will be loved by people around the world – many of them indigenous peoples – who are defending themselves against the Empire.” That’s what the author Andre Vltchek wrote for the jacket of Dr. Michael Parenti’s most recent book.

Parenti is one of the nation’s leading progressive political analysts. After receiving his Ph.D. in political science from Yale Parenti has taught at colleges and universities, in the United States and abroad. He wrote 23 books, among them: Democracy for the Few, Superpatriotism, History as Mystery, Against Empire and God and His Demons. He risked and ended his promising academic career when he openly opposed the war on Vietnam.

Parenti has written about empire, history, the media, theology, and socialism in his decades as an activist and teacher. However one topic has intrigued him more than others. He once wrote that “Imperialism has been the most powerful force in world history over the last five centuries, carving up whole continents, oppressing indigenous peoples and obliterating entire civilizations. Yet, it is seldom accorded any serious attention by our academics, media, and political leaders.”
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