Michael Parenti: Diversity And Orthodoxy In The News Media

This August 28, 2008 analysis of the media is Parenti’s most up-to-date contribution. He gave the keynote speech for the Modern Media Censorship lectures by Project Censored. Each year Project Censored gives awards for the most censored news stories of the year. Parenti lists important criteria by which to judge media bias, ranging from ownership to labeling, false objectivity and sensationalism, omission, outright lies and the denial of causality with the famous theory of “stuff happens”.

Michael Parenti has written and lectured on the mainstream media for decades. His key book on the topic is “Inventing Reality – The politics of the News Media.” With roots in a working class Italian district of New York and a Ph.D. in political science from Yale Michael Parenti has become an internationally known writer and lecturer. He is the author of twenty books.

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