Big Mountain Trilogy (2 tapes)

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Forced relocation of Native Americans is one of the darkest chapters of US history, yet few people are aware that the relocation policy continues to the present day. The Dineh from Big Mountain in Arizona are being moved for the expansion of the Peabody coal mine in today’s equivalent of the genocide of the past. Big Mountain Trilogy is a 2-hour documentary recorded at Un-Thanksgiving 1997 and during the historic visit of the United Nations investigator on religious intolerance in February 1998. From the crossing of the Painted Desert to the arrival at Camp Anna Mae, you hear the voices of the Dineh elders, their supporters, and sheep herders. An image slowly emerges of an ancient people that has retained its matriarchal structure, its language, and its deep love and respect for the land. Recorded on location by TUC Radio during our 1997 Ecology Tour. 100 minutes

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