Reclaiming Native American History: The Yuki of Thule Valley

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The bronze plaque on the Historical Marker at the entrance to the Round Valley Indian Reservation reads: “This valley was discovered by Frank M. Asbill arriving from Eden Valley, on May 15, 1854. During the same year, Charles Kelsey from Clear Lake also visited it, …” What really happened on that day was that the Asbill brothers opened fire and killed 39 Yuki who had come to greet them. A year later the settlers returned and rounded up 30 young women and sold them as slaves to the gold miners.

TUC Radio brought a micropower transmitter onto the reservation to broadcast community meetings about re-writing of the historic marker. This program give a sense of the way a community deals with hidden history, an obscured native inheritance, and addresses the anger, shame, fear, and denial of the descendants of the early settlers who, for the first time, hear from the descendants of the original people of the valley.
Go to A-Infos to download a broadcast quality copy of this radio program

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