Gifts – Gallery of TUC Images #1

Gallery of TUC Images #1

All prints are 8″ x 12″
printed on Fuji archival photo paper
With mat (outer dimension 11″x 14″) $100
Without mat in a sturdy tube $70
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Maria Gilardin 
Bixby Beach, 1992
Bixby Beach – with mat – $100
Bixby Beach – no mat – $70

It took the ocean twelve years to take this wreck apart. Nothing gets here without a secret password – unless it falls down the cliff. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac have stayed here and written about Bixby Canyon and Big Sur.

Maria Gilardin 
Boston Tea Party, 1976
Tea Party – with mat – $100
Tea Party – no mat – $70

The Boston Tea Party was one of a series of table top arrangements for the bi-centennial  celebration. You can see some of the wires holding things up. Other themes were Betsy Ross and the Landing on the Moon.

Maria Gilardin 
Earthquake, S.F. Marina, 1989
Earthquake – with mat – $100
Earthquake – no mat – $70

I was in San Francisco during the Loma Prieta earthquake. The Marina, built on landfill, was hard hit. The lights were out for days but the evacuated buildings were bathed in the white light of the TV networks.

Maria Gilardin 
Frank Zappa at KPFA, 1990
Zappa – with mat – $100
Zappa – no mat – $70

I had never seen Zappa close – up and was amazed how he radiated a kind of acerbic intensity, even with an audience of two, in a tiny studio above Edie’s Hamburger joint at community radio KPFA.

Maria Gilardin 
Gulf War One, 1991
Gulf War – with mat –  $100
Gulf War – no mat –  $70
In protest of the media complicity in Gulf War One I collected discarded TV sets, Patrick Lofthouse painted them camouflage color, and we piled them up in front of TV network doors and took them to rallies in shopping carts. This photo was taken in a gallery in the Fillmore district.

Maria Gilardin 
Mendocino County Ridges, 2004
Mendocino – with mat –  $100
Mendocino – no mat –  $70
I was caretaker on a ranch on Fish Rock Road in Mendocino County for two summers. Under the surface of ridges, summer burnt grasses, fir, oak and Madrone forests, lies an ancient, forgotten volcanic zone. The glow in this photo is from the  sunset over the Pacific ocean.

Maria Gilardin 
Sunrise on Alcatraz, 2007
Sunrise – with mat –  $100
Sunrise – no mat –  $70

The only time to see the sunrise from the former Alcatraz prison in the San Francisco Bay is to join the 4 to 5 am ferries organized by the International Indian Treaty Council. The annual sunrise ceremony commemorates the Indian occupation of this island and the beginning of the American Indian Movement.

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