The Secret Side of Free Trade:

Voices of Opposition to the GATT
~ The first-ever radio series on the GATT ~
From the TUC* archive (1994)

In January 1995, the deregulated free-market system, pioneered by the US and the industrialized nations of the North, became anchored in international law. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), a huge trade agreement that binds over 120 member countries and sets the rules for about 90% of world trade, will make free trade a legal and global requirement - no longer a matter of choice. In the process the GATT was renamed the WTO.

Ronald Reagan's Gift of GATT
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Why GATT is more important than the US constitution and how the GATT connects to the IMF and World Bank. Featuring Mark Ritchie and Herb Chao Gunther.

Protecting the Future Against Free Trade
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We protect what we love, say Tim Lang & Colin Hines in their book The New Protectionism. Hazel Henderson envisions an alternative economy.

Ralph Nader and Noam Chomsky: The Global Economy and the Demise of Democracy
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Ralph Nader, founder of Public Citizen, explains the WTO. Noam Chomsky, political scientist, author, and professor of linguistics at MIT, gives his historic first speech against the GATT.

The Fox in Our Forest Is Someone Else's Fur Coat
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Mark Ritchie's compelling talk on the effects of trade agreements on the small farmer and the environment. Vandana Shiva is a university professor and a member of the Chipko movement in India.

The Cities Are Taking Over the Land
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Peter Rosset and Anuradha Vittachi say that IMF and World Bank policies are accelerating the migration to the cities. Walden Bello explains how most Third World countries have been forced into a system of international trade.

GATT, Africa, and the Mythology of Free Trade
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Former California governor Jerry Brown says the GATT will undermine local, state, and national control over food and product safety. The GATT secretariat admits that the whole continent of Africa will fare badly under the new trade rules. Kevin Danaher explains why.

Showdown: We Urge a "NO" Vote on GATT
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GATT's Codex Alimentarius raised levels of toxics on food - in some cases by 3,000% over current US standards. Also: appeals against passage by Jerry Brown, Ralph Nader, and the late millionaire-activist Sir James Goldsmith.

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