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updated December 4, 2012

" If we are not careful, we will end up where we are headed."
                                                              Lakota Proverb

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Ward Churchill 
Holocaust and Denial in the Americas
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Now that Thanksgiving is behind us we may be more open to an unflinching look at genocide and denial in America. Churchill compares the treatment of North American Indians to historical instances of genocide by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, Turks against Armenians, as well as Nazis against the Poles and Jews. With one important difference. This genocide is unparalleled in term of the size of population and in the way it was sustained through time.

In the first of two parts Churchill sets out to prove that the numbers of how many Indians lived North of the Rio Grande were cooked - not  one but about fifteen million. Part TWO ends with an extraordinary statement on the importance of knowing history:  "We got an entire society here that, with its own collaboration, quells certain knowledge that would disrupt its very convenient scenarios of what it wants to be by denying what it has been...  And so we punch holes into the domes of false reality that have been constructed to shield the society from an understanding of itself. All this in order to get to the subliminal circumstances which can motivate people to tangibly, finally, oppose the order of things that we encounter in such a way as they can be transformed. I think the key to the whole of America lies right here – in its refusal to understand itself is the key to it's refusal ultimately to change itself. And change is that which we most desperately need."

The program begins with a brief update on very recent news (September 2012) on Churchill's losing fight to return to his teaching job as professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
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Dennis Banks
The Sacred Run 2006

Recorded at the Roxie, San Francisco, February 2, 2006.
Dennis Banks, co-founder of AIM, participant in the occupation of Alcatraz and in the defense of Wounded Knee, and co-founder of the annual Sacred Run, spoke on the eve of the 2006 run from San Francisco to Washington, DC.  

This is a moving, unedited, 27 minute speech on the origins of the run, the way walking changes people's lives, Native American land rights, the names of the many tribes that will host the walk along the way, the occupation of Alcatraz, his time in prison, and his meeting with Cindy Sheehan when he joined her in Crawford.
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The walk began after a sunrise ceremony on Alcatraz, San Francisco Bay, on February 11th and ended in Washington, DC, on April 22. The route crossed CA, AZ, NM, TX, OK, AR, LA, MS, AL, TN, SC, NC, VA, to Washington DC) at:
http://www.sacredrun.org/Route&Schedule.html This recording has no introduction. Please write your own from the material above and the biography of Dennis Banks amazing life on his web site:


Who will protect the earth?
Western Shoshone Land Rights

Two recent military style raids to confiscate Shoshone cattle are meant to intimidate the tribe into accepting money for their land. Elders refuse payment of 15 cents per acre for 26 million acres of stolen land.Others disagree. The US government plays hardball and tries to divide the Shoshone. For more information:
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John Trudell
What it means to be a Human Being
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This is a moving, thought provoking spoken word and poetry address by the Native American musician and leader John Trudell. He did not set out to be a writer. His poetic gift developed out of the remarkable, sometimes unbearable circumstances of his life.

Trudell grew up on and around the Santee Sioux reservation near Omaha, Nebraska. In 1969 he participated in the Indians of All Tribes occupation of Alcatraz. From 1973 to 1979 her served as national chairman of the American Indian Movement. The government response to A.I.M. was swift Trudell said, "They waged a war against us. They hunted us down. They killed, jailed, destroyed by any means necessary."

In 1979 that war took a terrible personal toll on John Trudell. On February 11, 1979 he led a march to the FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. Approximately 12 hours later a fire "of suspicious origin" burned down Trudell's home on the Shoshone Paiute reservation in Nevada, killing his wife Tina, their three children, and Tina's mother. Devastated by the loss of his family, Trudell withdrew from the world; "writing words" became his way "to keep some sanity" and continue to survive.

Trudell spoke in March 2001 in San Francisco at a benefit for the U'wa and their resistance to oil drilling on their ancestral land in Colombia - a struggle that continues till today. Contact John Trudell HERE.

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Restoring a Forest - with Fire and Love
Dennis Martinez
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The forest at the Mountain Grove Center For New Education, near Glendale in SW Oregon was clear-cut in the 1930s and 40s. It has come back thick, young, and dark. When Indians cared for the land the old growth incense cedars and chinquapins were spaced widely, plants thrived on the sun-lit forest floor, and animals found shelter and food. Dennis Martinez knows about Indian forest practice and he is restoring this land. 60 minutes
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Reclaiming Native American History: The Yuki of Thule Valley
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The bronze plaque on the Historical Marker at the entrance to the Round Valley Indian Reservation reads: "This valley was discovered by Frank M. Asbill arriving from Eden Valley, on May 15, 1854. During the same year, Charles Kelsey from Clear Lake also visited it, ..." What really happened on that day was that the Asbill brothers opened fire and killed 39 Yuki who had come to greet them. A year later the settlers returned and rounded up 30 young women and sold them as slaves to the gold miners.

TUC Radio brought a micropower transmitter onto the reservation to broadcast community meetings about re-writing of the historic marker. This program give a sense of the way a community deals with hidden history, an obscured native inheritance, and addresses the anger, shame, fear, and denial of the descendants of the early settlers who, for the first time, hear from the descendants of the original people of the valley.
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Frank Kanawha Lake
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When TUC attended an Indian wedding in the Trinity Alps four young men arrived with a gift of freshly caught salmon. Maria watched their cooking ceremony and learned from other guests that they are Native American graduate students at the University of Oregon, Corvallis, who work as a team. They study aquatic ecology, conservation biology and salmon runs while maintaining a knowing and respectful connection to their native traditions. They refuse to be confined to university labs and spend much of their time doing field work, learning from elders. They lead regular salmon camps with Native American youth. Frank Lake is a student as well as a teacher.
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Ward Churchill

This is a passionate, scholarly, and far reaching analysis of the Counter Intelligence Operations of the FBI. Beginning with World War I, Churchill covers the Palmer Raids, the defeat of the Anarchists and of Marcus Garvey; the attacks on the Civil Rights Movement, the 1964 murders of Goodman, Schwerner, and Chaney, and the murders of Black Panthers. Dedicating his speech to Leonard Peltier, who by now has spent almost 30 years in prison, Churchill gives a detailed description of the FBI raid on the Pine Ridge reservation on June 26, 1975 and of the case against Peltier.

For years the FBI and Bureau of Indian Affairs, BIA, had supported and financed a private army (the goons) of Tribal Chief Dick Wilson. Wilson had  agreed to sell of 1/8 th of the reservation land to the Federal Government when uranium was found on the Sheep Mountain Gunnery Range. Tribal elders refused to turn over the land and asked for help from AIM after over 60 people had been murdered. The FBI and the BIA, says Churchill, then provoked a shoot-out in order to militarize the area and defeat the land rights movement. Two FBI agents died. A Native American, who admitted to killing them, was found to have acted in self defense and is free. Leonard Peltier, who denied involvement, was charged with murder and convicted.

Amnesty International considers Leonard Peltier a political prisoner who should be "immediately and unconditionally released." Nelson Mandela, Rigoberta Menchu, the U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights, the Dalai Lama, the European Parliament, and countless others have called for his freedom.

Ward Churchill is professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is also a Vietnam veteran and survivor of the FBI war against the American Indian Movement. Among his many books are: The COINTELPRO Papers, Indians Are US, and A Little Matter of Genocide. (This is an updated archival TUC Radio program from 2001)
Contact <http://www.freepeltier.org>
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Ward Churchill: 

Why did so many voters in the 2004 election agree with the Bush War on Iraq? And all the other wars against indigenous peoples before? This will continue, says Churchill, until we acknowledge our history of genocide here, in the USA.

Ward Churchill is Associate Professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a member of AIM. This is a very serious account - supported by a stunning array of new evidence - of the scope of the genocide of Native American Nations. 60 minutes, 1996
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Winona LaDuke: White Earth
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Winona LaDuke received a standing ovation for her keynote speech at the Environmental Law Conference. She is a member of Mississippi Band Anishinabeg, founder of the White Earth Land Recovery Project, and author of the novel Last Standing Woman. She talks about the meaning of White Earth, the plight of the buffalo, and toxics on Indian land. 50 minutes

Uranium on Indian Land
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Manuel Pino lives within the 30-mile radius of the Grants Mineral Belt, which was the most intensely mined area of North America for uranium ore from the 1950s to 1980s. Eighty percent of the Native American workforce worked the mines or mills, including Manuel's father, uncle, and cousins. Today we see the impact on humans - widespread respiratory illness and lung cancer. 60 minutes

DAWN Mill and Midnight Mine
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Behind the poetic names of the DAWN Mill and the Midnight Mine lurks one of today's most extraordinary environmental disasters. Situated in the center of the Spokane Indian reservation, the now-defunct Midnight Mine provided uranium for nuclear weapons. The resulting pit has filled with acidic water that is eroding the pit walls and releasing uranium from the rock. The DAWN mill on the border of the Spokane, Wash., reservation once processed the uranium for the Midnight Mine. Left behind are the enormous tailings impoundments into which radioactive residual rocks from the mining process were dumped. The groundwater below is radioactive and a plume is moving toward the Spokane river. Everyone wants a cleanup, but Newmont Corporation says it is no longer responsible. Recorded on location by TUC Radio during our 1997 Ecology Tour and updated in May, 2000.60 minutes
Contact: www.dawnwatch.org

Gold and the Myth of the '49ers
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The gold rush was devastating to the California Indians. In just 20 years, their numbers were reduced from 150,000 to 31,000 by disease and outright murder at the hands of the miners. The gold rush was also the first large-scale assault on California's mountains, forests, and rivers. 60 minutes

Big Mountain Trilogy (2 tapes)
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Forced relocation of Native Americans is one of the darkest chapters of US history, yet few people are aware that the relocation policy continues to the present day. The Dineh from Big Mountain in Arizona are being moved for the expansion of the Peabody coal mine in today's equivalent of the genocide of the past. Big Mountain Trilogy is a 2-hour documentary recorded at Un-Thanksgiving 1997 and during the historic visit of the United Nations investigator on religious intolerance in February 1998. From the crossing of the Painted Desert to the arrival at Camp Anna Mae, you hear the voices of the Dineh elders, their supporters, and sheep herders. An image slowly emerges of an ancient people that has retained its matriarchal structure, its language, and its deep love and respect for the land. Recorded on location by TUC Radio during our 1997 Ecology Tour. 100 minutes

The Western Shoshone
The Dann Sisters of Crescent Valley and the Timibisha Shoshone of Death Valley
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The Western Shoshone never ceded their land that extends from the Snake River in Idaho through Eastern Nevada into Death Valley, California. Currently  (June 2000) a bill is being prepared in Congress to force the Shoshone to accept 15 cents per acre for the land they were never willing to sell. Ranchers in Crescent Valley in Northern Nevada, Mary and Carrie Dann have resisted the confiscation of their cattle  by the Bureau of Land Management. The Shoshone Nation is fighting the transformation of the Nevada test site and Yucca Mountain into nuclear waste deposits, and they are trying to protect the remainder of their land from open pit gold mining that poisons the water and land. 60 minutes
Call the Western Shoshone Defence Project to find out how you can help. (775) 468-0230 or e-mail to <wsdp@igc.org>
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Native American Oral History: Coyote is the Government
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Mr. Willard Rhodes received this story from his grandfather and grandmother who saw the future before it had arrived. I met Mr. Rhodes, a retired heavy equipment operator, at the summer camp of the Indigenous Environmental Network on the land of the hereditary chief of the Ahjumawi. This amazing story predicts that the third destruction of this world, after ice and floods, will be caused or prevented by us, not the Creator. We could be the ones to set the fire, either by heating up the planet or by releasing nuclear explosions.
The Pit River Indians oppose a geothermal development at Medicine Lake, their sacred lake. They are also deeply saddened about the expanding tourism on their holy mountain, Mount Shasta. 60 minutes
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Voices from the Nevada Test Site: Free Radio Newe Sogobia
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A micropower radio station was broadcasting at the May 2000 peace camp at the Nevada Test Site. It was a community bulletin board that also reached staff and armed guards inside the site. Here are Helen Herrera, Apache; Jody Dodd from WILPF, Alex from Scotland, and Dee Dominguez whose Southern California Tribe connected with the Uwa from Columbia when they found they had the same corporation, Occidental Petroleum, drilling on their lands.
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Mining in America: Interview with Larry Tuttle
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Mines produce more toxic waste than any other industry but have no obligation for clean-up. Their privileges are based on an arcane law, the 1872 mining act. It says that any person, including corporations, can stake a mining claim on public land, pay $5 per acre and pay zero in royalties. Larry Tuttle heads the Center for Environmental Equity in Portland. He wrote a Mining Activist Guide available at http://www.teleport.com/~cee/ A great web site on mining is:  http://www.mineralpolicy.org
60 minutes