A Farewell to Justice by Joan Mellen (TWO of TWO)

Jim Garrison, John F. Kennedy’s Assassination, and The Case That Should Have Changed History

When Joan Mellen first gave this talk in 2006 at a release event for her book: Farewell to Justice, she put emphasis on the subtitle: the Case That Should Have Changed History. What New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison knew but was unable to prove in court, what Oliver Stone and his team researched for the 1991 film JFK and what Joan Mellen and a few other authors have now brought into evidence is the important and powerful role that the CIA played in the Kennedy assassination.

When Kennedy discovered what the CIA was doing behind his back, especially in Cuba and Vietnam, by planning interventions and full scale war and assassinating leaders, he tried to bring the CIA under control, cut its budget, and take the U2 spy program away from them. When he fired Allen Dulles, he made mortal enemies inside the CIA. Of all people Allen Dulles was allowed to serve on the Warren Commission.

In this conclusion of her talk Joan Mellen begins by explaining the work done by Garrison. He was the only public official to have indicted a suspect in President John F. Kennedy’s murder. She then takes the very puzzling question why Bobby Kennedy undermined New Orleans district attorney Garrison’s investigation into the murder of his brother.

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