Helen Caldicott with Stephen Cohen (TWO of TWO) The Ukraine Crisis, Is Nuclear Conflict Likely?

On October 10, 2014, Stephen Cohen, the eminent scholar of Russian Studies from Princeton, gave an extensive interview to Sophie Shevardnadze on RT. (Formerly called Russia Today, this is the Russian cable and satellite TV channel that is aimed at an international audience). This program begins with clips from that interview. Stephen Cohen says we are in a new Cold War with the added danger of a nuclear confrontation. Cohen gives an erudite critique of the current sanctions and the US led NATO expansion Eastward that has destabilized Europe.

In the second part of this program we return to Helen Caldicott’s appearance at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, that was covered in Part ONE of this program. Following her talk on The Ukraine Crisis, Is Nuclear Conflict Likely? she answered questions from the Press. As you will hear in this segment some of the problems with media coverage and the reasons for the news black-out on this topic are due to the lack of information or bias even among journalists.

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