Professor David Keith – A Case for Climate Engineering (TWO of TWO)

This is the second half of an hour with Harvard Climate Scientist David Keith, author of the book A Case for Climate Engineering. He says global warming and CO2 pollution have become so severe that dramatic measures have to be applied by 2020. He is suggesting spraying particles from airplanes into the stratosphere to create a haze that will cool the planets by reducing solar radiation.

He denies that spraying from airplanes has already begun and warns that this form of Solar Radiation Management, SRM, has the power to suddenly change the earth’s climate. The impacts – he says – will be different from country to country and North to South and can lead to war when some countries engineer the climate in their favor and send droughts or floods elsewhere.

In this program David Keith answers questions from MIT faculty and students, among them:
Could Exxon or the Koch Brothers just do this form of SRM?
Can it be done surreptitiously? The answer to that is YES.
And a young man working on solar power said he felt scared that the emerging technologies creating energy from the sun would be condemned to fail.

On October 30, 2013, the prestigious Boston Review gave the book a release event. The audio for this radio program comes from their web site.

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