Shut Down the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (ONE of TWO)

Harvey Wasserman, Rochelle Becker and David Lochbaum
The former Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) inspector for the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, Dr. Michael Peck, wrote a statement held secret by the NRC until recently that seismic, tsunami and fire issues at the plant are so serious that Diablo Canyon needs to shut down until they are fixed. The NRC and the owner, Pacific Gas and Electric, disagree in their September 10, 2014, statements. Mark Satorius, the NRC’s executive director for operations said that there were no immediate seismic issues at Diablo Canyon, located on the ocean near San Luis Obispo, California.

Harvey Wasserman discusses with two anti nuclear experts, Rochelle Becker and David Lochbaum, why the plant is operating today. Harvey Wasserman is both an anti nuclear campaigner of 40 plus years and an advocate for a solar future. He says that we must and can build the green powered earth before the next nuclear meltdown. Rochelle Becker is the co-founder of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility and David Lochbaum is an engineer who worked for 17 years in nuclear power plants and now heads the Nuclear Safety Project of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

This is a reciprocal program exchange between Harvey Wasserman, TUC Radio and the Progressive Radio Network where parts of this program were broadcast on September 6, 2014.

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