Shut Down the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (TWO of TWO)

Given what we know today about earthquakes and Tsunamis the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, roughly half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, would NOT be built and licensed. Why, after Fukushima, Diablo Canyon continues to operate – and why it should be shut down – is being discussed in this program in a conversation between Harvey Wasserman, Rochelle Becker and David Lochbaum.

In last week’s program they covered seismic problems. On that evidence alone, they say, the plant needs to shut down. However there is more. In this part you will hear David Lochbaum make the case that Diablo Canyon has never complied with fire safety standards. And you will find out about a fundamental problem with Diablo Canyon’s Once Through Cooling system.

As of today, in the first week of October 2014, the whole complex story of the Diablo Canyon shut down keeps making breaking news. On October 3, 2014, the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility first posted the re-design option by the Bechtel Corporation for Diablo Canyon’s EPA mandated replacement of their Once Through fish killing cooling operation. Rochelle Becker from A4NR explains.

Harvey Wasserman is an anti nuclear campaigner and promoter of renewable energy with a 40 plus year track record. He edits the web site and has a weekly radio program, The Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Show, on the Progressive Radio Network. I’m using large parts of his radio program on PRN for this show in a mutual program exchange. Wasserman spoke with Rochelle Becker, co-founder of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility and David Lochbaum. He is a former nuclear engineer who worked for 17 years in nuclear power plants and now heads the Nuclear Safety Project of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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