Ward Churchill: A Little Matter of Genocide (ONE of TWO) 

Holocaust and Denial in the Americas TUC Radio Archives
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us we may be more open to an unflinching look at genocide and denial in America. Churchill compares the treatment of North American Indians to historical instances of genocide by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, Turks against Armenians, as well as Nazis against the Poles and Jews. With one important difference. This genocide is unparalleled in terms of the size of population and in the way it was sustained through time.

In this first of two parts Churchill sets out to prove that the numbers of how many Indians lived North of the Rio Grande were cooked – there appear to have been not one but 15 million Native Americans.

The program begins with a brief update on Churchill’s losing fight to return to his teaching job as professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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