James G. Anderson – Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at Harvard

Interview on Climate Change
Professor James Anderson did much of the research resolving the mystery of which industrial chemicals destroyed the ozone layer over Antarctica. The urgent need to deal with deadly UV radiation led to the signing of the Montreal Protocol in 1989.

Now, almost 30 years later, Anderson is doing ozone research again. This time over the continental US. Harvard Magazine said as early as 2012 that Atmospheric Chemists report a serious and wholly unexpected risk of ozone loss over the United States in summer. And Anderson explains how climate change is a factor in this new phenomenon.

He also answers basic questions about the interconnectedness of climate systems, the fallacy of global average temperatures, how living and teaching in Boston/at Harvard influenced his views on climate change and much more.
The interview was posted on YouTube on July 21, 2015. Here is the link: Thanks to Dale Lehman from WZRD Radio, Chicago, for discovering the video and sharing this link. And many thanks to the unidentified student who did this excellent interview!

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