Melting Arctic Sea Ice

with Cambridge Glaciology Professor Peter Wadhams (Part TWO of TWO)

Only days before professor Wadhams set off on his 2015 research voyage to the Arctic the UK blogger Nick Breeze did an interview with him, asking him about the latest data on the disappearing Arctic sea ice.

At the end of September 2015 we had just heard on the news that the sea ice minimum at the end of the Arctic summer was the fourth lowest on record. It stands at about half of the ice that used to cover the same area.
Peter Wadhams is Professor of Ocean Physics at the University of Cambridge, UK. With over 40 years of research on Arctic sea ice, icebergs and polar oceanography, he is considered one of the leading experts in his field.

Wadhams argues that summer sea ice in the Arctic is in rapid and irreversible retreat. His findings stand in stark contrast to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change computer models that claim that Arctic summer sea ice will not disappear until 2050 or even 2100.

Professor Wadhams explains that this is based on serious errors in computer modeling and predicts an ice free Arctic summer ocean by 2020 with very few remnants of sea ice along some coastal zones and blocking channels in the North West Passage. He also comments on methane releases, the Polar Vortex, the Jet Stream and the already apparent effects on weather, including anomalous droughts, ice and storms

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