Obama’s Geopolitical Strategy for Containing China

An interview with Professor Alfred McCoy
The historian Professor McCoy is an expert on U.S. foreign policy, the Philippines, Southeast Asia; global drug trafficking; and CIA covert operations.

He teaches at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and his September 2015 piece in Tom Dispatch “Grandmaster of the Great Game: Obama’s Geopolitical Strategy for Containing China,” stands in total contrast to the current views of media pundits as well as the Republican party.

They see Obama as weak, clueless, and indecisive in matters of foreign policy. McCoy provocatively places Obama among the limited number of presidents and public figures whose geopolitical skills – if he is allowed to succeed – will have transformed America’s global role.

In this interview McCoy takes listeners from Halford Mackinder, father of geopolitics and “heartland” theory, to Elihu Root to Brzezinski to Obama’s efforts to interrupt China’s global ambitions and maintain US global hegemony. He also puts into this geopolitical perspective Obama’s recent efforts to reach out to Burma, Iran and Cuba.

Credit: From time to time TUC Radio presents programs produced by other people. The interview of Professor Alfred McCoy by my neighbor and fellow broadcaster Jeff Blankfort at KZYX was such an extraordinary revealing piece on US Imperial history that it drew an instant surprised response.

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