Vandana Shiva: Soil Not Oil (ONE of TWO)

This is the keynote speech by the Indian physicist, ecologist, seed collector, anti GMO and Monsanto campaigner, teacher of organic agriculture, author and founder of many vibrant organizations. In a life spanning local action and international politics, academic teaching and gardening alongside her rural neighbors Vandana Shiva has become an inspiration to many.

Her books include: Stolen Harvest, Earth Democracy, Biopiracy, the plunder of nature and knowledge, Water Wars, and Soil Not Oil. This book, first published in 2007, has become influential beyond it’s initial success because it addresses the most urgent issue of our time: Climate change.

As we are becoming more aware that industrial agriculture is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions that bring about climate change – Vandana Shiva and others are now making the case that restoring the soil, and recovering organic agriculture around the world can not only dramatically limit climate change but even has the capacity to sequester carbon back into the soil, that has already been emitted into the air .

In September 2015 a two day conference took place in Richmond, CA, to discuss this timely potential in much detail. In honor of Vandana Shiva the organization and conference were named Soil Not Oil and she was asked to give the keynote address.

Recorded in Richmond, CA, September 4, 2015.

Thanks to the Soil Not Oil Coalition and their video at

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