Vandana Shiva: Soil Not Oil (TWO of TWO)

This is the conclusion of the keynote speech by the Indian physicist, ecologist, seed collector, author and founder of many vibrant organizations, Vandana Shiva.

She made a moving appeal to commit ourselves – whatever is the land on which our lives depend – to restore the soils that have been depleted and poisoned by industrial agriculture. Such action, she says, doesn’t just address the climate crisis it addresses the health crisis that comes from eating industrial food, the water crisis, the desertification, biodiversity, and extinction crisis. Most of all it allows us to reclaim earth democracy, and have an active role to truly deserve the citizenship of the beautiful planet.

Shiva is the author of many books, among them: Earth Democracy, Monoculture of the Mind, The Violence of the Green Revolution, and Making Peace with the Earth.

She spoke at the Soil Not Oil conference in Richmond, CA, on September 4, 2015.

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