Vandana Shiva’s Celebration of Gandhi’s Home Rule; Part ONE of TWO

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a philosopher, environmental activist and eco feminist. She is the co- founder and director of the Navdanya Research Foundation and the author of numerous books including, Soil Not Oil, Environmental Justice in an Age of Climate Crisis, and Stolen Harvest, The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply.

It was an extraordinary experience to hear her speak in the standing room only Little Lake Valley Grange in a very small former logging town in Northern California. Willits maintains one of the earliest successful economic Localization Projects.

Vandana Shiva had been invited by the Charter Project of Mendocino. If the voters approve, Mendocino would be joining Counties such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Santa Clara and San Mateo and become a Charter County. The local goal is to form a community controlled Public Bank, patterned after the Bank of North Dakota.

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