Vandana Shiva’s Celebration of Gandhi’s Home Rule; Part TWO of TWO

This is the conclusion of the one hour talk by the Indian physicist, ecologist, author and seed saver Vandana Shiva.

This part of her speech is an indictment of industrial agriculture – much of it based on her research into the Green Revolution and her work with the Indian government and the UN.

Monsanto claims that Glyphosate can’t harm humans because we do not have the shikimate pathway that plants and bacteria have. Shiva says what they ignore – or deliberately not tell us – is that the human body is made up of 600 trillion cells – most of which are bacteria. Many of the trillions of bacteria in our bodies and especially inside our gut are affected by the Roundup Ready GMOs we eat.

She points to new disease epidemics with the highest numbers in the USA. They may be related to the early introduction and wide distribution of GMOs and the two associated toxins, Bt and Roundup.

Research in Shiva’s Navdanya Foundation shows that wherever Bt crops or Glyphosate are used the soils and pollinators are seriously affected.

She also warns that more and more countries are creating laws that criminalize the age old practice of saving and exchanging of seeds.

She praises the efforts of localization and encourages everybody not to give up our relationships to nature and each other that are based on love and care.

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