War, Peace & Climate Change – Professor Michael Klare (ONE of TWO)

This is the record of a meeting of the minds between an organization, Peace Action, that has worked for over 50 years on the abolition of nuclear weapons and war, and an activist professor. Michael Klare has written and taught on U.S. military policy, international peace and security affairs, the global arms trade, and global resource politics.

The question on everybody’s mind that night was – how are war and climate change related – And how can we find ways of addressing that dual danger by working on strategies of resolving both.

Michael Klare is Five College professor of peace and world security studies and a prolific author. The titles of just the last three of his books clearly delineate his expertise and purpose. They are: Resource Wars (2001), Blood and Oil (2004), and The Race for What’s Left (2012)

Michael Klare was recorded by Dale Lehman on October 24, 2015 at the annual dinner of the Chicago Area Peace Action.

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