Julia Whitty – For Love and Protection of the Deep Ocean (TWO of TWO)

This is the second part of a one hour reading and commentary by Julia Whitty on her book: Deep Blue Home. She is a diver, former nature documentary filmmaker, author and investigative journalist. As environmental correspondent for Mother Jones she had just returned from the Gulf Coast when I met her in Sebastopol, CA, in early August 2010. Not only had she visited the marshlands but she spent time with researchers who do deep ocean work on the so-called scattering layer.

In part ONE of this program Whitty gave a scholarly, lyrical and moving account of the unknown and unprotected life in the deep ocean. This largest and richest ecosystem left on Earth presents the foundation of life for the creatures of the sunlit sea, from whales to tuna, dolphins, turtles, seals and so many others.

This second part of the program has a more personal cast. After reading from her book, Deep Blue Home, the amazing story of the encounter with an ancient iceberg while diving off Newfoundland, Whitty responds to a rich variety of questions about diving, close encounters with sea life, invisible rivers beneath the surface of the seas, coral reefs – and more.

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