Press Conference from the Norwegian Young Sea ICE Expedition – N-ICE2015

In the winter of 2015, an ice-bound Norwegian research vessel drifted with the shrinking Arctic ice for half a year while an international team of 70 scientists worked to better understand the effects of rising temperatures and changing sea ice.

It was the first wintertime Arctic Sea ice experiment to study the thinning ice pack. Data from submarines since 1958 and from satellites since 1972 had already shown that the frozen area in the Arctic is diminishing, the ice is getting thinner, multi year solid old ice is disappearing and the Arctic ocean is warming. However nobody had stayed with the ice for 6 months.

Since 1928 the Norwegian Polar Institute has done scientific research, mapping and environmental monitoring in the Arctic and the Antarctic. Today it operates under the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

This program presents three of the 70 scientists who spent time on board of the ship:
Mats Granskog was the Chief Scientist on this expedition. He is Sea Ice Scientist at the Norwegian Polar Institute.
Von Patrick Walden comes from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Washington State University. Amelie Meyer, is Oceanographer at the Norwegian Polar Institute.
The program ends with a short Q/A section.

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