Israel-Palestine Through the Lens of Settler Colonialism (TWO of TWO) Professor Ilan Pappe

Here is the Question and Answer section following a talk by Israeli historian Ilan Pappe (in last week’s radio program). In his presentation at the Press Club in Washington DC on March 24, 2017, he had challenged the audience with his conclusion that peace between Israelis and Palestinians can no longer be achieved by the so-called two state solution. Instead, Pappe said the only resolution comes with one democratic state for Palestinians and Israelis with equal rights for both. And this radio program presents some of Ilan Pappe’s thoughts how this may become a reality.

And for those who do not want to see Palestinian rights discussed TUC offers – again – a disclaimer: “The views and opinions expressed in the following program are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this radio station, its staff or board of directors ..”

Ilan Pappe has better standing than many other historians because he was born in Haifa and educated in Israel. He was a senior lecturer in political science at the University of Haifa (1984–2007) His critique of the guiding ideas that went into the founding of Israel in 1948 is based on painstaking – and often painful research. He is now professor of history with the College of Social sciences and International Studies at Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Since 2014 the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, have held annual conferences on The Israel Lobby and American Policy.
Disclaimer at 1 min.  57 sec.

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