Prof. Jim White – How to respond to climate change deniers (ONE of TWO)

When the Weather and Climate Summit was established in 1985 the goal was to bring together weather-casters and meteorologists from the U.S. and Canada with scientists and researchers. Their annual summit of 2017 was held in Breckenridge, Colorado, from January 8 to 12. One of the many topics at the summit was to prepare for the incoming Trump administration that was to include outspoken climate change deniers.

Dr. Jim White teaches at the University of Colorado. He specializes in Global change, paleoclimate dynamics, and the human impact on climate.

In a very entertaining and easy to understand way he addressed the five topics climate change deniers most often bring up:

2. How can we insignificant humans change the climate?
3. How can something like CO2 that is in such low concentrations have such an impact – and by the way isn’t CO2 good for plants.
4. We have seen about 1 degree of warming – why worry about such a small change.
5. I heard there was no warming recently for several years – does that prove climate change is not happening.

Dr. Jim White begins with the question
1. Are we going to make the world uninhabitable for humans and other species

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