Richard Grossman – Dismantling Corporations (TWO of TWO)

This segment begins with an intriguing archival speech on the history of corporations that TUC Radio recorded in Washington DC. at the 1996 Teach-In organized by the International Forum on Globalization. The segment ends with two important projects Grossman worked on just before his death: A law to criminalize hydro-fracking and corporations as a class or group.

In the Preface to his 1993 pamphlet, Taking Care of Business, Richard Grossman wrote:
“Corporations cause harm every day. Why do their harms go unchecked? How can they dictate what we produce, how we work, what we eat, drink and breathe? How did a self-governing people let this come to pass? – Corporations were not supposed to reign in the United States.”

Richard died of cancer on November 22nd, 2011 – he was only sixty-eight. He was one of the lucid people who first described not just the history of corporations but the now global challenge to democracy and personal and state sovereignty that they pose.
date recorded 9/15/1996

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