While living for over 20 years in an artist coop in San Francisco I participated in the building’s gallery and theater events. Now that I moved to the country I’m organizing my own art shows. The images and events are just another expression of what I do with radio.

East Bay Express – review of art show, July 2008

An activist’s artistic double-take on Life in These United States.
“Toasting the End of Capitalism at NoneSuch Space is Gilardin’s two-pronged take on the state of the nation. Her social-documentarian photographs include “Earthquake, San Francisco Marina,” showing a Loma-Prieta-damaged building under TV klieg lights; .. Her Dadaist/Surrealist montages include “Tasting Room,” in which a gigantic turkey dinner sits on a showroom floor next to Cadillacs (one afire); and “Hard Rain,” a scene of eco-apocalypse, with buildings crumbling and burning, and cars falling from a flaming heaven. Can capitalism learn to behave? Stay tuned.”