Safe Food

Welfare Ranching

Cows and the Subsidized Destruction of the American West
300 million acres of public land in the West, equal in size to 3 Californias, are leased to ranchers. Cattle grazing is subsidized at $0.5 billion per year. Cows and other livestock destroy and pollute rivers and springs, devastate plant and
tree life, and compete out other animals. The National Public Lands Grazing Campaign is working on legislation to permanently retire grazing permits. Fore more information: <>
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Howard Lyman And Mad Cows

His lone fight against some giants of industrial agriculture
(chemical manufacturers and cattle growers)
The Montana rancher Howard Lyman first came to world attention in 1998. He and Ophra Winfrey had been sued by Texas cattlemen and feedlot operators because Lyman had said, on the Ophra show, that mad cow disease might already be in the US. Since Lyman’s warning the first case of mad cow disease has been confirmed in the US. In Part TWO Lyman says we are till feeding cows to cows and test less than 1% of slaughtered cows while Japan is testing every cow.
In Part ONE Lyman explains what chemical agriculture did to his farm, his family and himself, and what gave him the [ . . . ]

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The Lawsuit on Genetically Engineered Food

Concern is spreading about the danger of genetically engineered food. While action is taken by governments around the world to ban selected bioengineering on food, the US does not even require labeling and safety testing of such foods. At this time 40% of the soy and 20% of all corn is engineered. Soy is a major ingredient in baby food. 40 minutes, (1998)
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