Middle East

Azmi Bishara: Keynote speech on Iraq and Palestine

Bishara is a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship and elected member of the Knesset
Trained in philosophy and an erudite political activist Bishara presents a unique perspective that challenges many pre-conceived notions. Part One is on Iraq and Part Two on the future of Palestine.
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Rania Masri on Iraq, the US Global Empire, and plans to redraw the borders in the Middle East

Future US plans for all of the Middle East may include the so-called “population transfer” of  Palestinians from occupied Palestine into Jordan, the division of Iraq  into three separate countries, or the creation of a Hashemite kingdom of  Iraq and Jordan. Rania Masri refers to the recently discovered text of  the Project for the New American Century, commissioned in September 2000 by  Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wulfowitz and others. see http://cryptome.org/rad.htm
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Side B: Alexander Cockburn: The Israeli lobby and the fate of Palestine
On May 2, 2002, barely two weeks after what has become widely described in the international press as a massacre in the Palestinian refugee camp at Jenin, the US congress [ . . . ]

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STOP the War on Iraq – Let Iraq LIVE! Ramsey Clark’s Appeal for Peace

This is a moving and eloquent appeal for peace by the former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark.
Few people know Iraq as well as Ramsey Clark. While the bombs fell on Iraq in 1991 he traveled 2000 miles by car. He returns to Iraq every year to see the effect of the sanctions and weekly US/UK bombings. He visits hospitals and devastated neighborhoods. He now travels across the US to warn us of the consequences of beginning yet another war on Iraq, both for the poor and tortured people of that country and for us, for our own safety and for our souls.
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Robert Fisk on the Armenian Holocaust

In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the events of April 1915
This moving talk begins with the account of Fisk walking the killing fields and still finding reminders of an event that has been hidden from public consciousness for too long. His talk is based on research on location and conversations with Armenian elders in senior homes in Beirut. Fisk spoke before the Armenian National Committee in San Francisco in March 2001.
This talk on the Armenian Holocaust – and he explains why he chose that term – also generated much criticism from those who want silence to shroud these events forever.
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