Israel-Palestine Through the Lens of Settler-Colonialism – Professor Ilan Pappe

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The program begins with a standard disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the following program are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this radio station, its staff or board of directors.
I placed the disclaimer because content critical of the Israel/Palestine peace process is frequently criticized. Please give it an airing because the ideas expressed may help explain a situation that has led to decades of pain and bloodshed in the Middle East. And Professor Ilan Pappe is an extraordinary intellectual and historian.
Here is background on him and the organizers:
Ilan Pappe was born in Haifa and educated in Israel. He was a senior lecturer in political science at the University of Haifa (1984–2007) and [ . . . ]

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Edward Said: Palestine and the Universality of Human Rights

This is a special tribute on the anniversary of the death of Edward Said. Friends say that he knew that his life was coming to an end when he gave this legacy address on the eve of the invasion of Iraq.
Professor Said was known as both a scholar of modern literature and an expert on Middle Eastern politics. Educated at Princeton and Harvard he now teaches at Columbia.  His books, which have been translated into 36 languages, include: Covering Islam, and The Politics of Dispossession. He was born in Palestine before the founding of the Jewish State. By 1950 his extended family had all fled Jerusalem for Cairo. Like hundreds of thousands of Palestinians they were displaced by the Jewish [ . . . ]

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Tariq Ali Movement Against the Wars in the Middle East & Religious Fundamentalism

An eloquent analysis of the wars in Iraq and Palestine and the reasons for the absence of an anti war movement in the US.
Writer, journalist and film-maker Tariq Ali came to Berkeley at the end of April 2005. Tariq Ali was born in Pakistan in 1943. Educated at Oxford, he became involved with the movement against the war on Vietnam. He is also a world renowned scholar on the history and culture of Islam. Tariq Ali is editorial director of Verso books and editor and board member of the New Left Review.
Tariq Ali’s fiction includes a series of historical novels about Islam: Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree, A Sultan in Palermo and The Stone Woman. His non-fiction includes the just [ . . . ]

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Dr. Mustafa Barghouti A Challenge to Humanity – The Situation in Palestine

This is a moving, urgent report from Palestine by Dr. Mustafa Barghouti. He is a medical doctor, and one of the leaders of the Palestinian movement that calls for an end to Israeli settlement in the West Bank and Gaza. His organization provides health and community services to more than 1 million people every year.
Reduced to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinians were promised by a UN resolution, to maintain the state of Palestine on 45% of their former land. But this promise was never filled. Instead Israel occupied both areas and established armed settlements. Presently Ariel Sharon demands that over half of the West Bank also be given to Israel.  The terrible humanitarian crisis of our time is [ . . . ]

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Azmi Bishara: Keynote speech on Iraq and Palestine

Bishara is a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship and elected member of the Knesset
Trained in philosophy and an erudite political activist Bishara presents a unique perspective that challenges many pre-conceived notions. Part One is on Iraq and Part Two on the future of Palestine.
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