Civil Rights

Cynthia McKinney, Peter Camejo and Mike Ruppert – Confronting Empire

What are the most urgent issues of our time? How to confront Empire?
This is a personal, very honest, moving and sometimes funny talk about the Bush administration, 9/11, the Democratic Party and voting for the lesser of two evils, and regime change abroad AND at home.
The former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was the honored speaker. She once represented the poor, mostly African American 4th district of Georgia. She was defeated in the 2002 democratic primary after asking what the administration knew prior to 9/11. She was also a critic of the policies of Israel towards the Palestinians. Supporters of Israel openly targeted her for defeat and financially supported her conservative opponent.
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Sweet Liberty – Are we living in a police state yet? With attorney Lynne Stewart and others

From the Patriot Act to Executive Orders that can be issued by the president and are not subject to review by Congress this two part program reviews the steps taken to limit freedom of speech and legal protection. Who knows that there are already in place Executive Orders allowing the government to seize and control the communications media, food resources and farms as well as all health and educational institutions? Attorney Lynne Stewart is accused of helping terrorist and threatened with 40 years in prison and out on $500,000 bail. (Recorded July 2002)
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Bernadette Devlin-McAliskey

Bernadette Devlin-McAliskey, Ireland’s foremost human rights leader and former political prisoner spoke in San Francisco about the controversial US/British sponsored “peace agreement”.  Flanked by banners of Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier, she humorously and incisively drew the parallels between the Irish struggle, colonialism and globalization. (60 minutes, April 1998)
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Women of the Sixties – Sara Jane Olson AKA Kathleen Soliah – Kathleen Cleaver speaks on Mumia Abu-Jamal

Olson is charged with attempting to blow up a police car while she was allegedly a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army in the early seventies. Born Kathleen Soliah, Olson moved to Minnesota, took a new identity, married, and has a family. In this interview she speaks about her case for the first time.
Cleaver was one of the most important members of the Black Panther Party. After the demise of the Black Panthers she became a law school professor. She speaks on the international campaign to prevent the execution of journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal.
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