Richard Grossman – Dismantling Corporations

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Remembering Richards work and life
Richard Grossman said: “.. corporations don’t have rights. Rights are for people. Corporations only have privileges, and only those that we the people bestow on them.” In a nutshell that was the essence of his research and teaching for the last 20 years. Richard died of melanoma on November 22nd, 2011, at a hospital in New York City, where he was born sixty-eight years earlier.
Ralph Nader called him the “preeminent historian of corporations” and a new, inspiring reading of history was his special gift. Richard said that the American revolution was fought less against the crown but against the crown corporations. And he believed that it’s time to remember that fight and assert sovereignty of the [ . . . ]

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Hurricane Katrina and the War on the Poor – Eyewitness report

Eyewitness report from two S.F. paramedics, Lorrie Beth Slonsky and Larry Bradshaw
Among their experiences: Gretna Sheriffs block the Greater New Orleans Bridge across the Mississippi and shoot when they and a large group of African Americans try to walk to safety. Later their temporary shelter is destroyed by police and their food and water taken. When they finally get picked up they and thousands of others sit in a dirty cage at the New Orleans airport, again without food and water, forced to wait for the George W. Bush photo opportunity to end. As they arrive in San Antonio they are made to stand on a dark tarmac and are subjected to two dog sniffing ordeals. This and more in [ . . . ]

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Gore Vidal in conversation with Lewis Lapham: Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis

One of America’s most famous novelists, playwrights and essayists had problems publishing his most recent book: Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, how we got to be so hated.  The Federation of American Scientists has catalogued nearly two hundred military incursions since 1945 in which the United States has been the aggressor. Vidal quotes from this list. He spoke at a belated book release event in San Francisco on terrorism, Timothy McVeigh, the Patriot Act and the Bush administration.  Could it be, he says, that the greatest victim of the September 11 terror attack will be American liberty?
The conversation between Gore Vidal and Lewis Lapham, editor of Harper’s Magazine, was sponsored by the Independent Institute. < >
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Cynthia McKinney, Peter Camejo and Mike Ruppert – Confronting Empire

What are the most urgent issues of our time? How to confront Empire?
This is a personal, very honest, moving and sometimes funny talk about the Bush administration, 9/11, the Democratic Party and voting for the lesser of two evils, and regime change abroad AND at home.
The former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was the honored speaker. She once represented the poor, mostly African American 4th district of Georgia. She was defeated in the 2002 democratic primary after asking what the administration knew prior to 9/11. She was also a critic of the policies of Israel towards the Palestinians. Supporters of Israel openly targeted her for defeat and financially supported her conservative opponent.
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IMPEACH President George W. Bush by Professor Francis Boyle

Professor Boyle was trained in the same Ph.D. program at Harvard that produced Henry Kissinger. However he chose to become a nationally respected expert on international law. He is tenured professor at the University of Illinois College of Law and a consultant to Amnesty International.
He has drafted six articles of impeachment of President George W. Bush, similar to those introduced by the late Representative Henry Gonzales against Bush senior at the beginning of the Gulf War. He added as an impeachable offense the efforts of the current administration to suspend constitutionally guaranteed rights, build a police state, and prepare to use the military against the American people. (I interviewed Professor Francis Boyle by phone on January 24, 2003). (45 minutes)
Find [ . . . ]

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Ralph Nader: How to End the War on Iraq

In early 2005 Ralph Nader began a 10 city tour to stop the war and end the occupation of Iraq. Undaunted by the outcome of the 2004 election he presents a passionate critique not just of Bush but of the democratic party and launches a grassroots movement of a million committed activists that demands a complete pull out of troops and corporations from Iraq within a 6 month period. Nader acknowledges the work of <>
Ralph Nader was recorded in Seattle in January of 2005
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Ralph Nader: Alternative VS Corporate Technology

Speaking on a PA system powered by solar energy, Ralph Nader gave a moving and intelligent speech on the development and ownership of current technologies and their impact on the earth. He refers to alternative technologies, how they could be used and why we do not have them, even though they could benefit us and the earth. (Aug. 2000)
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Christopher Hitchens: The Trial of Henry Kissinger (2 parts)

An overflow audience in a San Francisco bookstore was intrigued, shocked and well entertained by Hitchens eloquent indictment of Henry Kissinger. While the former Chilean dictator Pinochet is under house arrest and war crimes in other parts of the world come to trial, Henry Kissinger, a major player in the coup in Chile finally comes under scrutiny as well. If Kissinger is not actually put on trial for his role in these events, he will at least not die without knowing how history will remember him.
The charges raised by Hitchens begin with conspiracy to commit murder in the case of General Rene Schneider, who was the Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army. General Schneider opposed the impending coup against [ . . . ]

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Alexander Cockburn on the CIA

In 1996 the San Jose Mercury News published an extraordinary piece of investigative reporting. Dark Alliance, written by Gary Webb, revisited the involvement of the CIA in the smuggling of drugs into the United States. The noted Nation columnist Alexander Cockburn comments on: Why did the national media denounce Gary Webb and force him out of his job? Did the CIA target the black community? October 1998, 50 minutes
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