Michael Parenti Theocracy VS. Democracy – The Political Uses of Religion

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Michael Parenti says that democracy can’t survive under religious rule – whatever that religion may be. Parenti’s warning in this archival recording is as timely and urgently expressed as it was when this speech was first given during the second term of the Reagan administration. This talk is also very funny. Parenti explains how God may be considered as a “founding father” and why Woody Allen calls him an underachiever. It is easy to extend this timeless analysis to the present circumstances.
With roots in a working class Italian district of New York and a Ph.D. in political science from Yale Michael Parenti has become an internationally known writer and lecturer. He is the author of twenty [ . . . ]

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Michael Parenti Fascism, The False Revolution

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A talk given by the political analyst and author Michael Parenti in 1995 sounds almost as if it was given in 2017 in the context of European and US elections. In his 50 plus years of lecturing at major universities Parenti returned to the important connection between capitalism and fascism many times. Actually over 32,000 times if you believe the search engines.
Fascism, as Mussolini said “..should be more properly called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.” And history, as told by Michael Parenti, shows that in all fascist societies, be it Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, and into the present, corporate power increased. And that gain in power such as tax cuts, deregulation, subsidies for extraction [ . . . ]

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Michael Parenti, The Supremely Political Court

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Archival, updated to reflect Trump admin.
One self-contained 29 minute program
In February, 2017 the name of Michael Parenti and references to his 23 books and countless lectures are flooding the Internet. It appears that his writings on history, the demise of US democracy, capitalism and the rule of the one percent, fascism, patriotism and US First-ism that span the decades from the late 1960s to 2014 were meant to be read and used today.
And Parenti shows how the Supreme Court began to give powers to the President in matters of foreign policy and national security that neither Congress nor the constitution had granted. He said:  “… by Judicial Fiat the President could now do whatever he wanted in the absence [ . . . ]

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Ralph Nader “Breaking Through Power”

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This talk was recorded by me on October 18, 2016, at City Lights Books in San Francisco – just three weeks before election day. Nader talked about his new book – published by City Lights under the title “Breaking Through Power  – it’s easier than we think”. From the advance reviews we knew that he was not going to advocate for any party, blue, red or green – in spite of his own former affiliation with the Green Party – and not even for Sanders in particular. He has a specific plan how to take power ourselves and apply it directly to Congress without the mediation or intervention of any party.
Part two of this program begins with a summary of [ . . . ]

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Michael Parenti: Superpatriotism and the Importance of being Number One

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This talk examines how hype, fear and mindless flag waving supplant informed debate and commitment to democracy and justice. (ONE self contained program)
What does it mean to love one’s country? Why is it so important to be number one? In this sharp and funny speech MP dissects the uses of patriotism. – That was the introduction to a Michael Parenti talk given in 1988, at the end of the Reagan administration. That talk became a TUC Radio program and 2004 book published by City Lights.
Now, in 2016, so many years later slogans such as: America First, America the Greatest Country on Earth are having a powerful come back. Resistance to Superpatriotism – even if it is simply remaining seated during [ . . . ]

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Cynthia McKinney, Peter Camejo and Mike Ruppert – Confronting Empire

What are the most urgent issues of our time? How to confront Empire?
This is a personal, very honest, moving and sometimes funny talk about the Bush administration, 9/11, the Democratic Party and voting for the lesser of two evils, and regime change abroad AND at home.
The former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was the honored speaker. She once represented the poor, mostly African American 4th district of Georgia. She was defeated in the 2002 democratic primary after asking what the administration knew prior to 9/11. She was also a critic of the policies of Israel towards the Palestinians. Supporters of Israel openly targeted her for defeat and financially supported her conservative opponent.
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IMPEACH President George W. Bush by Professor Francis Boyle

Professor Boyle was trained in the same Ph.D. program at Harvard that produced Henry Kissinger. However he chose to become a nationally respected expert on international law. He is tenured professor at the University of Illinois College of Law and a consultant to Amnesty International.
He has drafted six articles of impeachment of President George W. Bush, similar to those introduced by the late Representative Henry Gonzales against Bush senior at the beginning of the Gulf War. He added as an impeachable offense the efforts of the current administration to suspend constitutionally guaranteed rights, build a police state, and prepare to use the military against the American people. (I interviewed Professor Francis Boyle by phone on January 24, 2003). (45 minutes)
Find [ . . . ]

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Ralph Nader: Corporate Power in America, Agenda for the Green Party

This is a fact filled speech with an in-depth analysis of corporate power and detailed suggestions for political action. Given in March of 2000 to an enthusiastic audience in San Francisco. Nader declared that he will really run for president in the 2000 elections and gave hope that the emerging Green Party would succeed in setting a clear anti-corporate agenda.
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Jim Hightower – Why Vote and For Whom?

They call Hightower a visionary with a horse sense, a fearless populist who takes on the rich and powerful. The former Texas Agriculture Commissioner turned author, radio commentator, and very well loved public speaker. Hightower spoke in September 2000 at a benefit for the San Francisco Green party. Very Funny!
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Alexander Cockburn Investigates Al Gore

For one year Nation columnist and author Alexander Cockburn investigated Al Gore’s record with his co-author Jeffrey St. Clair. They looked up his lengthy voting record from the day he entered congress in 1976, interviewed people who knew him, and researched the history of his campaigns. In this lively speech filled with biting wit and humor, Cockburn takes up all major issues brought up by Gore supporters: the death penalty, abortion, and potential Supreme Court appointments. He argues that none of these would benefit from a Gore presidency. (July 2000)
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Jerry Brown on Sex and Politics

On the evening before the Monica Lewinsky affair hit the headlines, former California governor Jerry Brown entertained a meeting of organic farmers with an intelligent and funny talk about the role of sex in politics. He also criticized his father for using crime to boost his ratings. Later Jerry Brown did the same in his bid for major of Oakland. 50 minutes
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