Live Recordings

TUC Radio LIVE recordings

Maria Gilardin is taping many more interesting events than fit into the weekly schedule. Here are a few unedited, LIVE recordings that represent the rich cultural and political life of the Bay Area and beyond.
Helen Caldicott
Lecture In Mill Valley on April 11/2002
Helen Caldicott’s book, The New Nuclear Danger, has been released and she is now on a book tour. This talk before an overflow audience drew an enthusiastic response. (unedited recording)
code: A201 To order a copy click here: $8.00
Helen Caldicott
Lecture In Berkeley on January 25/2002
Helen Caldicott is back from Australia and now campaigns against the new STAR WARS, as well as nuclear and laser weapons in space. (unedited recording)
code: A202 To order a copy click here: $8.00
Greg Palast
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