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Audio CDs of Michael Parenti.

Michael Parenti: STOP the Pesticide Spray of the Bay Area

Parenti weighs in on the Apple Moth eradication
What do Homeland Security and FEMA have to do with the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s plans to spray the San Francisco Bay Area with pesticides? Is this more dangerous to us and our rights than to the light brown apple moth? Parenti says that 50 other states have plans for similar  eradication programs – so this is NOT a local issue.
After this program was recorded the California Department of Food and Agriculture announced on June 19 that they would suspend the spraying of urban areas. They still plan to spray forested areas and use ground spraying of the controversial pesticide. Parenti says:” This is a tactical retreat to preserve the whole [ . . . ]

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Michael Parenti: The JFK Assassination and the Gangster Nature of the State

[Program Considered Lost – I Located Copies Of The Masters]
When Oliver Stone’s movie JFK opened in December 1991 a huge PR campaign was mobilized against the film. Even progressives spoke out. Noam Chomsky wrote in support of the Warren Commission’s findings – in contrast Michael Parenti gave one of his highly acclaimed talks criticizing the lone assassin theory. The bitter questions that haunted defenders and critics alike was whether government agencies of a democratic country would do such a thing as assassinate an elected President.
In this talk Michael Parenti turns to that question first – he examines, in part one, what he calls “the gangster nature of the state.” In part two he goes over details of the assassination and [ . . . ]

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Michael Parenti: Theocracy VS. Democracy – The Political Uses of Religion The full program is 29 minutes long (no Part Two)

[Program Considered Lost – I Located Copies Of The Masters]
Michael Parenti says that democracy can’t survive under religious rule – whatever that religion may be. Parenti’s warning in this archival recording is as timely and urgently expressed as it was when this speech was first given during the second term of the Reagan administration. This talk is also very funny. Parenti explains how God may be considered as a “founding father” and why Woody Allen calls him an underachiever. It is easy to extend this timeless analysis to the present circumstances.
With roots in a working class Italian district of New York and a Ph.D. in political science from Yale Michael Parenti has become an internationally known writer and lecturer. He [ . . . ]

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Michael Parenti: Real History

A six part (3 hour) lecture series on three audio CDs.
The most popular of all his speeches on history.
Purchase individually or get the three CD set for $25.
CD Number ONE:
As the United States government claims to spread democracy around the world and is deeply involved in ghost writing constitutions for other countries, the spotlight falls back on this country. Is the current US system a democracy, – has it ever been one? In The Myth of the Founding Fathers Michael Parenti takes us back to the early days of the republic. Who were the founding fathers, what were their goals in writing the US constitution? Who did they exclude and who did they favor? What [ . . . ]

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Michael Parenti: Wealth and Democracy in the Bush Age

Parenti says that wealth distribution is unequal in capitalism. The ruling class aims to increase that portion of the gross national income from investment and decrease the portion that is earned through wages, salaries, fees and pensions.
Engineered by Ed Russell, recorded on April 8, 2005, Hampshire College, Amherst.
LIVE recording, not a radio program
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Michael Parenti: The Cost of Empire

The name “empire” was reserved for the Romans or the Russians. Though not commonly called by that name, the US is the largest empire, with global military and economic presence. Parenti explains that those who reap the benefits are not those who bear the extraordinary costs of maintaining the US Empire. 60 minutes Produced by TUC Radio
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Michael Parenti: A Republic Against Caesar/ The Assassination of Julius Caesar

Who was Julius Caesar, a dictator or a populist? And who really was Brutus, who murdered him on the Ides of March? A young hero or a participant in a deep seated conspiracy? This intriguing lecture by the noted author, speaker, activist and scholar Michael Parenti provides surprising new insights and parallels to today that are both shocking and amusing. 60 minutes Produced by TUC Radio
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Michael Parenti: Democracy, What Went Wrong?

A series of commentaries on the issues, institutions, and political affairs of the day. Drawn from his research and presenting the highlights of his work, the series responds to the limits that are being placed  on democratic self-determination. Parenti comments on major institutions such as the military, the CIA, media, corporations, universities, police, and the Supreme Court, offering suggestions on how to regain influence and control.
(Recorded and produced by Maria Gilardin for TUC Radio in 1995)
Each tape or CD is one hour long 12 lectures, 29 minutes each
Total running time: 6 hours
To order a the set of 6 CDs click here: $50.00
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RD 1: The Two-Party Monopoly
How the electoral [ . . . ]

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Michael Parenti: Z-Net Commentaries

Written from late 2005 to to late 2006 and published in Z-Net, these commentaries address the urgent issues of our time.

How the Free Market Killed New Orleans
Parenti explains how the free market system was instrumental in the destruction of New Orleans and the deaths of so many residents – and ultimately in the total mismanagement of the rescue operations.
Right Wing Judicial Activism
In his commentary on Right Wing Judicial Activism Parenti proves how right-wing judicial activists – from the Civil War to now – have stretched the constitution in matters of slavery, segregation, child labor, the first amendment, and the awarding of the presidency to George W. Bush.

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