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American Nuremberg – The U.S. Officials Who Should Stand Trial for Post-9/11 War Crimes an interview with Rebecca Gordon

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To this day the people of the United States have no accounting of what has been done in our names in the so-called war on terror. But we are left with ongoing misery for literally millions of people, destabilized regions in the Middle East, South East Asia, North Africa and blow-back and spill over into Europe. And it is extraordinary how a small group of political leaders could have created such ongoing expanding devastation and has not been held responsible in any way.
Rebecca Gordon writes that for the sake of the victims of the war on terror we need real accountability for American war criminals. Her book, American Nuremberg, published by Hot Books at Skyhorse, NY-City, went into distribution in [ . . . ]

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‘The End of Water As We Know It’ with Argonne National Lab Scientist Dr. Seth Darling

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Even though water is most vital for survival the status of depletion or contamination is not well known to the public and there are very few mechanisms in place world wide for water protection and access to water as a human right.
In this May 18, 2016, talk valuable information is introduced to support and inspire local efforts. Dr. Darling updates statistics about the water embedded in certain products. He also makes an interesting connection between energy production and water and surprises us with research that shows how the energy industry withdraws 200 billion gallons of water per day in the US alone.
Seth Darling is a Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and a Fellow at the Institute for Molecular Engineering at [ . . . ]

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