Nuclear Power

Helen Caldicott – The New Nuclear Danger

As a young pediatrician in Australia, Helen Caldicott learned about the medical consequences of nuclear war. That changed her life. She eventually campaigned in the US for nuclear disarmament. Now, over 30 years later, concerned about the US plans to build more nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors, she has returned with a new book and new plans . Her book is called: The New Nuclear Danger.  She hopes to establish an institute to support speakers with expertise in nuclear war, energy, radioactive waste, and nuclear disarmament.
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Side B: Farewell to America: Andreas Toupadakis
The Greek chemist made headlines for a few days in early 2000 when he resigned from the nuclear weapons [ . . . ]

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Helen Caldicott on Nuclear Reactors and Weapons

Recorded before an overflow audience at Sonoma State University in October, 1998, this is a sharp snapshot of the current status of nuclear affairs. From “Mobile Chernobyl” to “subcritical” testing and the dangerous stock piles in the former Soviet Union. This is both a highly informative talk as well as an inspiring call to action.
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Burning Warheads as Fuel for Nuclear Reactors?

Mary Olson with Jackie Cabasso
Recently a significant announcement by the Bush administration reversed a 20-year-old policy. The US and Russia will now re-process plutonium from nuclear weapons as fuel for nuclear reactors.
Mary Olson is the expert on nuclear reactors with the North Carolina office of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service ( NIRS ). She is concerned about the prospect of fueling aging nuclear reactors with plutonium, recognized as the most dangerous substance on earth.  In addition to making nuclear power even more dangerous, she says, this new program is also a concealed nuclear weapons program. New, pure weapons-grade plutonium is generated inside the reactor.
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