Nuclear Weapons

The Beginning of the Nuclear Age (ONE of TWO)

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The First Nuclear Chain Reaction – Enrico Fermi and Henry Moore – ARCHIVE
The Italian physicist Enrico Fermi set off the first nuclear chain reaction in an underground tennis-court at the University of Chicago in December 1942. His experiment led directly to the building of the plutonium bomb that destroyed the city of Nagasaki.
There are competing claims as to the beginning of the nuclear age. Was it the day of Trinity, was it Hiroshima, or was it Fermi with his willingness to risk a nuclear explosion in the middle of a crowded city.
But more important than the date is the need to comprehend the fundamental change that the beginning of the nuclear age has brought about. Albert Einstein said that the [ . . . ]

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From Pearl Harbor To Hiroshima – Arjun Makhijani

TUC Radio Archive Special for Hiroshima Day 2016
Disarmament is more urgently needed now that nuclear weapons have spread far beyond the original weapons states and there are even voices in Japan’s parliament today that call for nuclear weapons. And Makhijani shows that we can only find the path back from the abyss if we are clear and honest about how nuclear weapons were invented and first used. And there is much information in this talk that has been shunned or kept secret.
In common history Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima represent the beginning and the end events of World War II suggesting that the attack on Pearl Harbor forced the US into war and the bombing of Hiroshima saved the lives of [ . . . ]

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Dr. Helen Caldicott – Four Minutes To Midnight

In 2002 Helen Caldicott returned from Australia to – once again – help build an anti nuclear movement in the US. The so-called end of the Cold War had made everybody complacent. Now, thirty years after Helen Caldicott first appeared in the US and became a charismatic speaker and tireless organizer she says that matters are worse now than they were then. They are worse because the old weapons are still in place, worse because they’re building new nuclear weapons, some intended for use in space, worse because the US violates the major arms control treaties, worse because the US is now threatening the preemptive use of nuclear weapons, and worse because very few of us know these facts.
Helen Caldicott [ . . . ]

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Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

A reading from the document by Mime Troupe founder R.G. Davis
Introduced by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti
The paper was commissioned by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and others in the year 2000, before any of them were  in government. The think tank, the Project for the New American Century, produced a blueprint for a system of world-wide US military dominance and intervention. The document remained secret until 2002 when it was discovered by the Irish Sunday Herald.
Check out PNAC and the text REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES at their site: <>
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Arming The Heavens

Reading from the US Air Force Transformation Flight Plan
One of TUC Radio’s best received programs was a reading from the Project for the New American Century document on Rebuilding America’s Defenses that predicted the war on Iraq. In that document the authors, among them Cheney and Rumsfeld, laid out a plan to place weapons in space in order to maintain US global reach and military superiority. Like other predictions in the PNAC document the arming of space is becoming a reality. In early 2005 the Air Force posted their Transformation Flight Plan on their web site. The plan discloses strategies for global dominance, refers to new space weapons based on laser and microwave, and makes the case for nuclear power [ . . . ]

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Helen Caldicott on 9/11 – Hope In The Age Of Terrorism

The renowned anti nuclear campaigner, physician and author of the recent: The New Nuclear Danger returns from her home in Australia. She reminds us that we are living in a time of increased danger from the new space weapons program. There are programs in place to modernize nuclear weapons and use nuclear material in space. The events of 9/11 are used to expand and finance these programs.  She begins with a moving appeal for peace.
Recorded in September 2002 at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco, the talk is divided into two self-contained parts and can also be played as a one hour special.
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Helen Caldicott – The New Nuclear Danger

As a young pediatrician in Australia, Helen Caldicott learned about the medical consequences of nuclear war. That changed her life. She eventually campaigned in the US for nuclear disarmament. Now, over 30 years later, concerned about the US plans to build more nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors, she has returned with a new book and new plans . Her book is called: The New Nuclear Danger.  She hopes to establish an institute to support speakers with expertise in nuclear war, energy, radioactive waste, and nuclear disarmament.
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Side B: Farewell to America: Andreas Toupadakis
The Greek chemist made headlines for a few days in early 2000 when he resigned from the nuclear weapons [ . . . ]

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Helen Caldicott on Nuclear Reactors and Weapons

Recorded before an overflow audience at Sonoma State University in October, 1998, this is a sharp snapshot of the current status of nuclear affairs. From “Mobile Chernobyl” to “subcritical” testing and the dangerous stock piles in the former Soviet Union. This is both a highly informative talk as well as an inspiring call to action.
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Manhattan Project #2 – Dr. Andreas Toupadakis & Dr. Helen Caldicott

Dr. Andreas Toupadakis, a chemist, left Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in January of this year at the height of his career and joined the peace movement. After working at Los Alamos and Livermore, Toupadakis found that, instead of working on the safe disposal of nuclear weapons, he was asked to work on what he calls Manhattan #2, a new, space based weapons system. He is introduced by Dr. Helen Caldicott. (Recorded  L. A. 4/4/2000)
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Reference in this talk for “Manhattan #2”: <> Click at: Vision for 2020
To write to Dr. Toupadakis or Dr. Caldicott use CONTACT TUC and [ . . . ]

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Andreas Toupadakis: Hiroshima Diary

In January of 2000, the Greek born chemist Andreas Toupadakis resigned from a nuclear weapons program at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. He found that, instead of working on the safe disposal of nuclear weapons, he was asked to work on what he calls Manhattan #2, a new, space based weapons system. He has since become an eloquent campaigner against nuclear weapons. In August of 2000 he was invited to speak at a memorial service for the Japanese victims of the bomb dropped by the US on Hiroshima. He returned deeply moved by his meetings with survivors. This is a very personal conversation based on his diary and the photos he brought back.
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Akira Tashiro on Depleted Uranium

During the Gulf War in 1991, US and UK forces used a new weapon against Iraq. This new weapon, the depleted uranium (DU) projectile, is radioactive. Unlike atomic or hydrogen bombs, it involves no nuclear fusion or fission but nine years after the end of the war, adverse health effects from DU exposure continue to manifest themselves among military personnel and civilians in Iraq and Yugoslavia where the fighting took place, and among US and British veterans and their families. Tashiro traveled through the US, UK, and Iraq to cover this story. He is a senior staff writer for the Chugoku Shimbun, a daily newspaper with a morning edition circulation of 735,000. The Chugoku Shimbun was founded in 1892 and [ . . . ]

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