Scientific Freedom in the Age of Biotechnology

With Arpad Pusztai, Tyrone Hayes, John Losey and Ignacio Chapela
This program is about academic freedom, independent thinking, corporate intervention into science, the buying of academia, the collusion of regulatory agencies with the very corporations they are to oversee and maybe – most frightening of all – the invasion of the DNA, the inner spaces and the self organization of life.
Arpad Pusztai was an advocate of genetic engineering until his research with rats showed serious damage to their immune system and organ growth when they were fed with genetically engineered potatoes. He was fired from his job as Principal Scientific Officer at the Rowett Institute in Scotland, a job he had held for 30 years.
Tyrone Hayes did research on the effects [ . . . ]

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Dangers of Cell Phones and Towers

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The rapid build-out of the wireless communications system and digital TV exposes people to thousands of new antenna sites. Growing evidence links radio frequency exposure to cancer. How can community groups protect themselves? What does the current research show? 50 minutes.