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The Beginning of the Nuclear Age (ONE of TWO)

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The First Nuclear Chain Reaction – Enrico Fermi and Henry Moore – ARCHIVE
The Italian physicist Enrico Fermi set off the first nuclear chain reaction in an underground tennis-court at the University of Chicago in December 1942. His experiment led directly to the building of the plutonium bomb that destroyed the city of Nagasaki.
There are competing claims as to the beginning of the nuclear age. Was it the day of Trinity, was it Hiroshima, or was it Fermi with his willingness to risk a nuclear explosion in the middle of a crowded city.
But more important than the date is the need to comprehend the fundamental change that the beginning of the nuclear age has brought about. Albert Einstein said that the [ . . . ]

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In Memory of Bertolt Brecht (ONE of ONE)

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Rebroadcast of the 2013 program
Even though the German playwright, poet, director and theoretician of the stage was persecuted by the Nazi’s, and then forced to leave his exile home in the US when he was accused of being a communist, he did become a major influence on visual and performance artists such as Jean Luc Godard, Robert Wilson, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Augusto Boal, Pina Bausch, Dario Fo and many others.
His most famous plays, the Threepenny Opera and the Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny were just two of over sixty plays. During the war years, Brecht became a prominent writer of the “Literature in Exile”. He expressed his opposition to the National Socialist and Fascist movements in his [ . . . ]

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George Monbiot: The Age of Consent

George Monbiot is a British political activist and author. He writes a weekly column for The Guardian of London. Monbiot is currently visiting professor of planning at Oxford Brookes University. He is the recipient of the United Nations Global 500 Award for outstanding environmental achievement presented by Nelson Mandela.
George Monbiot has written a new book, The Age of Consent, published by Harper Collins in London. In it he lays out the problems of globalization, the dictatorship of institutions such as the World Bank, the IMF, the World Trade Organization and the UN Security Council and he comes up with a surprising solution.
George Monbiot was interviewed by Jeff Blankfort on KZYX radio in November 2003.
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David Brower in conversation with Arne Naess – The Arch Druid meets the Loch Ness Monster

On a windy evening in the summer of 1988 two of the great environmentalists of our time had their first and only meeting on the Marin Headlands. Their paths should have crossed many times; both mountain climbers, they trekked in the Himalayan mountains, both are almost cult figures with their followers. When they finally met they
discovered that they were the same age, 86. This is the only recording, and the first broadcast, of that meeting.
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Comedy Special: Behind every terrorist there is a Bush

With Will Durst, Rene Hicks, Bill Santiago, David Rovics and Drew Dellinger
Recorded LIVE at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco on 2/1/04 at a benefit for the International Inquiry into 9-11. Bill Santiago called this event “The first ever Bush bashing super-bowl party”. He felt honored to attend. Humor can be more radical than “straight” talk. David Rovics sings: Who would Jesus bomb? The theme of 9/11 comes up throughout.
Comedienne Rene Hicks was the MC for the Comedy Special. She is comfortable in tiny clubs and on national TV. She was the first African American woman ever nominated for the American Comedy Awards. Drew Dellinger is a poet, rap artist and activist; Amy Goodman called David [ . . . ]

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Brave New Voices – The Youth Poetry Movement

Youth Speaks is a Bay Area nonprofit, with satellite workshops around the country. They are providing a safe space for high school students to put their thoughts and emotions on paper and on the stage. Since the founding of Youth Speaks in 1996 the youth poetry movement has spread to many places, including Seattle, New York City and even abroad.
Places to hear the young poets are the Teen Poetry Slam, Brave New Voices and the Bringing the Noise Reading Series.  Every event inspires many more teens to join  workshops where they learn from each other honest writing and critical thought. You will be amazed at the youth of the speakers on this program, most are just 16, the range of [ . . . ]

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The Life And Times Of Utah Phillips

Utah talks about his life and how he became an activist
Utah Phillips said he never put it all together quite like this. From his childhood to Korea, his work with transients and migrants, his discovery of anarchism and pacifism and how to use music as a weapon, this is a moving, honest account of an extraordinary life.
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Burning Man & The Caucasian-Americans

Burning Man is four stories tall and glows neon at night: a wooden man-sculpture which is burned each year in the vast expanse of the Black Rock desert of Nevada. This sound collage is part of a post-modern carnival of the absurd. Also: What would America have been without the Caucasian-Americans, with their magnificent shopping malls, their colorful polyesters, and their landfills? This anthropological comedy is based on Beverly Slapin’s workbook for children. 60 minutes
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Memorial for Allen Ginsberg

On Sunday, April 20, 1997, the huge synagogue Emanu-El in San Francisco was filled with fellow poets and friends remembering the life of the Beat/Buddhist/Rebel poet Allen Ginsberg. Among the speakers were Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Joanne Kyger, Anne Waldman, Robert Haas, and Gary Snyder.
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