Richard Grossman said: “.. corporations don’t have rights. Rights are for people. Corporations only have privileges, and only those that we the people bestow on them.” In a nutshell that was the essence of his research and teaching for the last 20 years.
Richard died of melanoma on November 22nd, 2011, at a hospital in New York City, where he was born sixty-eight years earlier.

Alex Carey: Corporations and Propaganda (TWO of TWO)

In this segment the little known role of the US Chamber of Commerce in the McCarthy witch hunts. Carey shows how the campaign against “Big Government” brings Reagan to power – with eerie similarities to today’s arguments. Also mentioned the famous secret memo by Lewis Powell, later Supreme Court Justice, that set in motion what Bill Moyers calls “the revolt of the rich.”

Alex Carey: Corporations and Propaganda (ONE of TWO)

The Attack on Democracy
The 20th century, said Carey, is marked by three historic developments: the growth of democracy via the expansion of the franchise, the growth of corporations, and the growth of propaganda to protect corporations from democracy. Carey wrote that the people of the US have been subjected to an unparalleled, expensive, 3/4 century long propaganda effort designed to expand corporate rights by undermining democracy and destroying the unions.

Bill Moyers: Politics Today is Money Laundering (TWO of TWO)

This is a reading of Moyers’ concise and revealing mini history of the corporate takeover of America’s democracy, beginning with the infamous secret 1971 memo by Lewis Powell to his friends at the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. Powell soon became Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Moyers sums it up: “We look back on it now as a call to arms for class war waged from the top down..”

Bill Moyers: Politics Today is Money Laundering (ONE of TWO)

Keynote for Public Citizen
Moyers says: “Politics Today is Money Laundering and the Trafficking of Power and Policy” – and “why New York’s Zuccotti Park is occupied is no mystery. Reporters keep scratching their heads and asking: Why are you here? But it’s as clear as the crash of 2008: they are occupying Wall Street because Wall Street has occupied America.”

Natural Process Farming: Bob Cannard (TWO of TWO)

Bob Cannard calls for the founding of the Garden Party!
He recovers abundance where others have given up and has an immediate friendly rapport with those who want to restore their own relationship to earth and good food. Cannard proposes to build the Garden Party and lays out the principles of taking responsibility for one’s food on a personal and local level to a cheering audience. Those are the criteria for membership in the Garden Party.

Natural Process Farming: Bob Cannard (ONE of TWO)

In the description of the Bioneers he is: “Iconoclast, piano player, great cook, and an incredible farmer”. Bob Cannard is a frequent guest at their annual conferences. His produce and fruit are so exquisite that they are used in the most expensive restaurants, including Chez Panisse in Berkeley. His farm store is open year round and sells vegetables and home-canned goods at affordable prices.
As the cities are taking over the land Cannard is taking back what he can. He is acknowledged by Michael Pollan as one of the important members of the sustainable food movement, creating solutions to the growing crisis of the loss of farmland – caused by urbanization and the techniques of industrial agriculture.
Cannard runs Green String [ . . . ]

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Vandana Shiva: The Seed at the Heart of Freedom (TWO of TWO)

In Part TWO Shiva explains how biotechnology creates super weeds, poisons beneficial insects and soil microbes and only brings high yields when fertilizers, pesticides and abundant water are applied. Monsanto is using the patent rights they received via former Monsanto lawyer Clarence Thomas on the US Supreme Court to collect royalty payments and make it illegal to save and exchange seeds. She calls for the international abolition of GMOs and the removal of patents since seeds are a gift from nature to be shared freely.

Vandana Shiva: The Seed at the Heart of Freedom (ONE of TWO)

On Genetic Engineering’s War on Life – Vandana Shiva came in September 2011 to the Heirloom Seed Expo held in Santa Rosa, CA, to give the keynote speech. 10,000 people had come on short notice to see plants and seeds that would already be extinct had not someone lovingly collected and bred them.
Shiva trained in quantum physics and became a seed saver and ecologist in 1982. She and her organization Navdanya resist the spread of GMOs into India. For her the imposition of GMOs is a war on life and the most recent wave of colonialism. She learned from Gandhi – as he chose the spinning wheel, Navdanya chose the seed as the vessel of life and dedicated themselves to [ . . . ]

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9/11 Reclaiming our Future (TWO of TWO)

Anodea Judith is founder and director of Sacred Centers. Her book, Waking the Global Heart: Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love, was the winner of the 2007 Nautilus Book Award for Social Change. She is a groundbreaking thinker, writer, and spiritual teacher. Her passion for the realization of untapped human potential matches her concern for humanity’s impending crises — her fervent wish is that we “wake up in time.”

9/11 Reclaiming our Future (ONE of TWO)

– with Kevin Danaher, Ed Asner, Richard Gage and others
This program begins with an excerpt from the trailer for an upcoming movie by Engineers and Architects for 9/11 Truth about the destruction of World Trade Center Building #7, followed by a talk by Kevin Danaher about reclaiming our future. Danaher is co-founder of Global Exchange and executive producer of the annual San Francisco Green Festival, and husband of Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin.

Remembering “Granny D” and her fight to get money out of politics (TWO of TWO)

This part covers Granny D’s arrival in Washington DC after her 14 months walk that ended with her cross county skiing along the C & O Canal into Washington DC because a snowstorm had made it impossible to walk along the roads. Also in this program references to her continued work against money in politics for ten more years which included her arrest in the rotunda of the Capitol building, and her campaign for Senate in NH. (Includes the voices of Jim Hightower, Molly Ivins, Amy Goodman and others.)