Sandor Katz: Wild Fermentation

When Sandor Katz escaped from NY City and joined a rural off the electric grid community in Tennessee a little over two decades ago he knew very little about growing vegetables and even less about fermenting them. His amazing development as teacher and author of two books: Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation, was fueled by fond memories of pickles he relished as a kid in NYC, love for the nourishing power of good foods, and his deep interest in the culture, art and history of fermentation. His great appeal as a teacher and speaker also lies in his direct and honest approach to life. He is openly gay and living with AIDS and is convinced of the healing [ . . . ]

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Seniors for Peace – Happy Tenth Anniversary!

We remember the huge demonstrations against the war on Iraq in 2003. Of those hundreds of thousands who came out for peace across the world mostly films, photos and very fond memories survive. But one group, maybe the most unlikely of all, the Seniors for Peace in Mill Valley, CA, just kept going.  For ten years now this year, 2013, every Friday at 4 pm rain or shine, they spend an hour at the intersection of Miller and Camino Alto with hand drums, guitar, harmonica, fiddle and banners for peace. That in spite of the need of some to use a wheelchair or walker since their average age is now 86 and many are in their nineties.

From Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima (Part TWO of TWO)

In common history Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima represent the beginning and the end events of World War II suggesting that the attack on Pearl Harbor forced the US into war and the bombing of Hiroshima saved the lives of up to one million US soldiers who might have been killed in an invasion of Japan. With help from long ignored or classified information Arjun Makhijani re-analyzes both events. This talk, given to Nuke Free Now in August 2012 near the Los Alamos Weapons Lab, presents thought provoking information about why and how nuclear weapons were developed and who really was in control of their use.
Arjun Makhijani asks how it had been possible to exclude almost all military and civilian leaders [ . . . ]

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From Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima by Arjun Makhijani (ONE of TWO)

Disarmament is more urgently needed now that nuclear weapons have spread far beyond the original weapons states. Makhijani shows that we can only find the path back from the abyss if we are clear and honest about how nuclear weapons were invented and first used. And there is much information in this talk that has been shunned or kept secret: Why was the US fleet moved from San Diego to Pearl Harbor? Does the Japanese attack have anything to do with the US oil embargo? What were the original goals of the Manhattan Project and why and when were they changed? And who was in charge of this secret program when even the US Vice President or the generals responsible [ . . . ]

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Happy Birthday Bertolt Brecht – 115 years since February 10, 1898

Even though the German playwright, poet, director and theoretician of the stage was persecuted by the Nazi’s, and then forced to leave his exile home in the US when he was accused of being a communist, he did become a major influence on visual and performance artists such as Jean Luc Godard, Robert Wilson, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Augusto Boal, Pina Bausch, Dario Fo and many others.
His most famous plays, the Threepenny Opera and the Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny were just two of over sixty plays. During the war years, Brecht became a prominent writer of the “Literature in Exile”. He expressed his opposition to the National Socialist and Fascist movements in his most often performed plays: [ . . . ]

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A Quarter Century of Unheeded Warnings: Stephen Schneider Tribute (TWO of TWO)

Schneider gave the opening address at the “Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change” conference at the Hadley Centre in England on February 1, 2005. At the request of the British government 200 scientists convened to counter the refusal of the US administration to acknowledge the urgency of the problems related to climate change.
Data on the accelerated melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, and the possible collapse of the Gulf Stream that brings warm waters from the tropic across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe caused the greatest concern – but were not covered in the commercial US media.

A Quarter Century of Unheeded Warnings: Stephen Schneider Tribute (ONE of TWO)

When the Stanford Professor Stephen Schneider died on a return flight from a climate conference in Sweden in 2010 the world lost one the great and courageous climate scientists. He and Prof. James Hansen risked their careers by researching and publishing on climate change since the 1980s and the world would be a very different place today had their warnings been heeded instead of denied and disparaged.
This conversation was recorded in March 2001 in the garden of Schneider’s home near the Stanford Campus. He had just returned from his work with the IPCC. Thousands of scientists are making contributions that are reviewed by the IPCC and then must be approved line by line by all 120 plus member nations. [ . . . ]

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Global Warming – A Quarter Century of Unheeded Warnings

Remembrance of the late Dr. Stephen Schneider
Topics: CO2 now 20% higher than in last half million years; rate of CO2 increase higher than in geologic time; extreme weather; solutions: carbon pricing and equity.
In TUC radio’s last program you heard Hansen’s acceptance speech. This – by extension is my credit to Schneider whose name on the press coverage of the award came up only as a quote: “a Stanford professor who died”. Nothing about his very unique and holistic view based on his expertise in biology and atmospheric science, his ability to describe how climate and life evolved together – and how that process is falling apart as humans are disturbing the earth. And nothing about his work with the Intergovernmental [ . . . ]

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