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Michael Parenti: Cuba, the Spanish American War and the Rise of US Imperialism

Updated as essential backstory for Obama’s visit to Cuba
As President Obama became the first sitting US President in almost 90 years to visit Cuba he took the same stage where Calvin Coolidge in 1928 lectured the Cubans on democracy. The US then controlled Cuban national and foreign politics and the Cuban economy and had done so since the end of the Spanish American War in 1898. The US had refused to end the military occupation of Cuba unless Cuba changed its constitution and ceded its sovereignty to the US.
The infamous Platt Amendment of 1901 gave the U.S. the right to intervene unilaterally in Cuban affairs and included a clause that eventually led to the perpetual lease of Guantanamo Bay.
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Michael Parenti: The JFK Assassination (TWO of TWO)

and the Gangster Nature of the State (TUC Archive)
This talk caused a controversy in the media when it was first aired on the 30th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Parenti sees not just the violent death of an individual but says: “If the truth were known it would call into question the entire state system and the social order it represents”. And that troubling implication is probably the reason why the mainstream press has suppressed the research of those who researched the circumstances of Kennedy’s death. In his investigation Parenti had focussed on the troubling contradictions In Lee Harvey Oswald’s life to add to the proof that Oswald was at best a “patsy”.
Parenti then re-draws the lines of his controversy [ . . . ]

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